1" Blue Polyester Webbing 6600 lb

Item# US-1BLPW5

Webbing 6,600 lb Breaking Strength.
1,100 lb Assembly Working Load Limit
300 feet of webbing per roll.

1 inch Blue Polyester Webbing with a 6,600 lb breaking strength is the strongest and most durable tie-down webbing for 1-inch tie-downs in the transportation and shipping industries. Some people may say this webbing is not always necessary due to the hardware and assembly options are not rated high enough for certain applications, and we do agree, except for the fact that having a stronger webbing will allow for your straps to be way more durable and last longer than you ever expected them to last.

The golden question we ask our customers is how many times have you had your tie-down straps webbing outlast your ratchets or other hardware? This is the perfect reason to pick 6,600 lb polyester tie down webbing if you are actively transporting cargo using 1-inch tie-downs.

The reason behind the use of Polyester Tie Down Webbing compared to alternative webbing choices such as Nylon is Polyester stretches very little and provides great strength to stretch ratio. Polyester is also able to handle the elements and extreme weather conditions much better than other types of webbing.

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