Wheel Tie Downs

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Wheel Car Tie Down Straps & Side Mount Wheel Nets

Wheel Car Tie Down Straps can be recognized throughout the automotive hauling industry as Wheel Nets, Axle Straps, Car Tie Downs, Car Straps, or Automotive Straps. These straps combine to help to make up the Car Tie Down Strap selection that helps to transport millions of vehicles around the United States every year. Not only are these straps great at holding down vehicles on trailers or vehicles that are on the back of a flatbed or rollback, but it helps to provide other motorists with much safer roadways.

Polyester Tie Down Webbing is the main tie-down webbing that is used to transport vehicles as it has a great strength to stretch ratio. When you are transporting vehicles the last thing you want is a webbing that stretches that could cause the vehicle to move and potentially even cause the straps to fail in certain circumstances. This is why it is crucial when you are transporting vehicles to always check your car straps for any potential movement and readjust your straps tightness as needed to make sure they are working properly after 5 miles or 5 minutes or driving and every hour and 15 minutes afterward.

Here at RatchetStrapsUSA, we have a wide variety of different car tie-down straps that are designed to keep you and your ride moving down the road until you reach your destination safely. We take great pride in the quality of our car tie-down straps being extremely durable and made to be the highest quality possible. If you are not sure what will work best with your car hauling journey please feel free to contact our car strap experts by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website or by giving our team a call at 800-483-2189 today!

Wheel Tie Downs