Wheel Tie Downs

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Wheel Nets & Wheel Tie Down Straps

Wheel Tie Downs can also be recognized by several different names in the auto hauling industry such as Wheel Nets, Wheel Straps, or Wheel Tie Downs as the most common names. Wheel nets are unique as they have more than one strap that goes around the width of the wheel, rather than simply just going over the wheel. Wheel Nets can secure much more than a single tie down strap would secure, as well as wheel nets being sometimes adjustable.

All of our Car TIe Downs, Ratchet Straps, Tie Down Straps, Axle Straps, Wheel Nets, and other high-quality shipping products that can be found on our online store are made from heavy-duty Polyester webbing. Polyester is used due to its protection against the elements such as the sun, moisture, as well as any excess stretching from occurring that could jeopardize the safety of your vehicle.

We have a wide variety of different car tie down straps that will keep you and your ride moving no matter where you need to go to reach your destination safely. We take pride in the quality of our car tie downs that are extremely durable and high quality. If you are unsure what will work best with your car hauling needs give our friendly car tie down experts a call at 800-483-2189 and we would be happy to assist with product suggestions or more information on any of our wide range of products.