Grade 70 Transport Chain

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4,700 lbs Working Load Limit


6,600 lbs Working Load Limit


6,600 lbs Working Load Limit

Grade 70 Transport Chain & Grade 70 Binder Chain

Grade 70 Transport Chain and Chain Binders are used extensively in both the cargo control industry and the transportation industry. In recent years, many people have made the switch to Tie Down Straps as their main method of cargo securement, but chains are still a fan favorite for many professional truck drivers due to their durability and strong steel construction. One of the number one selling points for using binder chains is the fact they do not fray when they rub up against sharp edges or objects. This is the main reason why people choose chains over tie-down straps to secure their heavy-duty machinery, tractors, farm equipment, recovery applications, or bobcats to name a few of the most popular applications.

Some of the different products in our Grade 70 Transport Chain Category include our popular Grade 70 Transport Chain that is available in 3/8 inch or 5/16 inch options. This chain can be cut into 6 feet, 10 feet, 16 feet, 20 feet, and 25 feet options. This type of grade 70 transport chain and binder chain has a Working Load Limit of 6,600 pounds and meets all guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation general guidelines for safety. All of our Grade 70 Transport Chain is stamped with G70 to identify the strength of the chain quickly and easily.

One of our most popular Grade 70 Products is our Chain Binders that work similarly to a ratchet on a Ratchet Strap. They are used to bring two chains together and tighten them securely to the trailer in order to secure heavy or oddly shaped cargo that traditional tie-down straps may not always be able to do. There are two main different types of Chain Binders with one being a Ratcheting Chain Binder and the other being a Level Snap Binder. Both of these versions are compatible with our 5/16 inch chain and 3/8 inch chain and both feature a 6,600 lbs working load limit.

Grade 70 Chain V Bridles for Recovery Towing Applications

Grade 70 Chain V Bridles are used for recovery tow truck applications mainly for flatbeds and tow trucks and are made from our durable and heavy-duty grade 70 transport chain that features a 6,600 lbs Working Load Limit (WLL). Chain V Bridles are used to help give vehicles the extra strength they need in order to get out of mud, water, snow, ice, sand, gravel, grass, or out of a ditch.

These are one of the most common types of recovery methods for tow trucks as they are extremely durable and you no longer have to worry about the vehicles sharp edges potentially damaging your straps during transport as well. Part of the reason our grade 70 chain v bridles are so widely used is the different attachments on the V Bridles to provide you with the ultimate securement while recovering. No matter if the vehicle is light or heavy in physical weight or oddly shaped these are a great one-stop-shop for professional tow truck drivers in most circumstances.

Grade 70 Transport Chain