Grade 70 Transport Chain

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Grade 70 Transport Chain

Grade 70 Transport Chain is used extensively in both the cargo control industry and the transportation industry. In recent years, many people have been switching to Tie Down Straps for their main method of securement but chains are still a favorite of many transportation industry professionals because of their rugged durability and strong steel construction.

Many people point out the fact that chains do not fray when they rub up against sharp objects and corners. This fact is what makes a lot of people choose chains over tie-down straps to secure their heavy machineries such as tractors and bobcats. These chains are also used in recovery situations by tow trucks to pull cars onto the back of the truck. Grade 70 The transport chain is used for all of these purposes.

There are quite a few products in our Grade 70 Transport Chain category. The first product is the standard Grade 70 Transport Chain. Our Grade 70 Transport Chain is available in 3/8 inch or 5/16 inch versions. The lengths available for these two versions are 6 feet, 10 feet, 16 feet, 20 feet, 25 feet. This type of chain has a Working Load Limit of 6,600 pounds and meets all guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation. The links are clearly stamped with G70 to identify the strength quickly and easily.

Another product that is in our Grade 70 Transport Chain category is our chain binders. Chain binders are similar to a ratchet on a Ratchet Strap. They are used to hold two chains together and tighten them securely to the trailer. There are two different types of Chain binders: Ratcheting Binders and Lever Snap Binders. Both versions are compatible with 5/16 inch by 3/8 inch chains. Both of these chain binders have a Working Load Limit of 6,600 pounds.

The third and final product in our Grade 70 Transport Chain category is Chain V Bridles. Chain V Bridles are used to pull vehicles onto tow trucks while applying even pressure to both sides of the axle. Two tow hooks are attached to one end of the chain and then placed under the vehicle on both sides of the axle in order to give an even pull and balance the stress. Grab Hooks and J Hooks are attached to each end of the chain as well to allow for adjustments to take up the slack in the chain.

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