Chain V Bridle with 15" J Hooks and T J Hook Grade 70


Working Load Limit – 4,700 lbs Breaking Strength
• 5/16 inch Grade 70 Transport Chain
• 3 feet Long Chain Legs
• 15 inch Tow Hooks and T J Combo Hooks
• Master Pear Ring with Grab Hooks
• Label attached showing Working Load Limit

Chain V Bridle with 15 inch J Hooks and T J Hooks are made with the industry standard Grade 70 Transport Chain that is heavy duty and made to be durable for repetitive usage. Part of the reason behind this chain bridle being so popular is the large 15 inch Tow Hooks that can grab onto a wide variety of different securement points for most vehicles.

No matter if the vehicle or farm equipment has become stuck in the snow, water, deep mud, or other elements this Chain V Bridle can get you out of a bind! It is crucial when using any Recovery Tow Straps or Towing Chain Bridles that you always follow the strap or chains working load limits (WLL). These are set in place to give you room for error and allow you to remain safe!

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$65.00 USD