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Endless Loop Tie Down Straps

Endless Loop Straps get their name around the moving and trucking industry from not having any forms of hardware or fittings at the end of the strap making it endless. One of the reasons these straps are so popular is the ability to bundle boxes together, and cargo safely secured on pallets. or by protecting surfaces by holding a moving blanket in place during a move to prevent scratches on glass and wooden surfaces. This helps first-time movers, professional moving companies, and professional truck drivers save time while at the same time becoming safer in the process. At RatchetStrapsUSA you can find a wide range of different widths, lengths of webbing, and color options straps that your load securement or moving van needs best.

Endless Loop Straps can also be known around the shipping and moving industry as lashing straps, endless loops, cinch straps, and lashing tie-down straps. Although these straps have many different names across the industries the general purpose of securing cargo to pallets, together, or to the roof of vehicles for transport is generally the same. We have had a wide range of different applications these straps can be used for such as securing cargo to pallets, kayaks on the roof of a van, folding mattresses for easier transport, or even securing a moving blanket in place to prevent any potential scratches on the surfaces during a move.

The Different Types of Hardware for Endless Loop Lashing Straps

Push Release Endless Loop Strap – Push release endless loop straps to work by pushing down on the hardware to open and sliding the desired amount of webbing through it to reach fully around the load you are securing or holding in place. Once you have reached the desired tightness simply let go and let the push release hold the webbing and cargo in place. Once you have arrived at your final destination simply open and remove the webbing and store it in a safe and dry location until the next use. One important thing to note is these tie-down straps with push release hardware have no working load limits. These straps are designed for applications such as sleeping bags, holding luggage closed during traveling, or holding a moving blanket in place during a move. If you need a heavier duty strap always use an endless loop cam buckle strap or endless loop ratchet strap instead. One of the reasons our 1 inch Push Release Endless Loop Strap is extremely popular is the extremely affordable cost.

Endless Loop Cam Buckle Strap – Endless Loop Cam Buckle Straps utilize cam buckle tie-down hardware that opens similarly to our push-release endless loop straps. One of the main benefits of using Endless Loop Cam Buckle Straps is the ability to only tighten the straps as tight as you can physically pull by using the strength of your hands. This is great for highly valuable cargo or sensitive personal belongings that may not always be able to become replaced. These straps are often extremely popular for professional movers as they can quickly keep boxes or pallets together throughout the move. You can view our popular 1-inch Endless Cam Buckle Straps and 2-inch Endless Cam Buckle Straps by clicking on the product pages above. Learn more about using Cam Buckle straps in our blog post How to use Cam Buckle Straps like the Pros.

Endless Loop Ratchet Strap – Endless Loop Ratchet Straps are our popular endless straps that utilize ratchet hardware in order to keep the cargo secured together during a move. This is one of the better options for potentially heavier or oddly shaped cargo as these straps can secure items together or pallets much tighter to prevent them from becoming undone during transport. One of the major benefits of using a ratchet strap is the ability to tighten in one direction causing the strap to not become untightened or loose until you have reached the next destination for your load. No matter if you need 1 inch Endless Ratchet Straps, 2 inch Endless Ratchet Straps, or 3 & 4-inch Endless Ratchet Straps we have you covered. You can learn more about using ratchet straps in our How to Use a Ratchet Strap like the Pros.

Frequently Asked Endless Loop Strap Questions

How does the webbing hold up outside over time? – Generally speaking the polyester tie-down webbing blend can last for long periods of time. We have staff members who have had the same blend of webbing in different strap combinations in tree stands for upwards of over 5 years and they are still getting the job done to this day. If you take care of the straps and keep them out of direct sunlight over time and remove them during extreme weather conditions beyond typical conditions they should last for quite some time. One thing to remember is no matter what tie-down strap you use for any application to quickly glance over the straps before and after every use in order to verify the straps are safe to use. This will help you learn of any potentially wearing or damage that has occurred during the last time you used the strap to keep you and other motorists safe during your next move.

Can I use these to tie luggage down onto my roof rack on top of my vehicle? – Absolutely, we also have a wide range of other combinations of tie-down straps that should also get the job done right as well if you need it in other combinations. If you are securing cargo that is heavier in weight or less aerodynamic you should always consider using a heavier duty strap such as a 2-inch heavy-duty strap with webbing that is designed for heavier duty applications. If you are securing a heavier-duty application, please consider using ratchet straps or cam buckle straps with a hardware option that fits you best as these straps are specifically designed for those applications.

Can these straps be used to secure a Kayak to the roof of my vehicle? – There shouldn’t be a problem securing a kayak to a roof with these types of straps. If you have one to secure you will want to make sure the straps are safely rated and long enough to get around the kayak in the first place with extra wiggle room.

What type of webbing is used for Endless Loop Tie Down Straps? – The type of webbing that is used for endless loop tie-down straps is a polyester blend that helps to provide the straps with the ultimate amount of strength and durability over time – while at the same time being able to prevent extra stretching that could potentially cause your cargo to come loose during transport.

Endless Loop Straps