1" CAMO Endless Ratchet Strap 3,000 lb

Item# US-1CELRS3

3,000 lb Ratchet Breaking Strength
3,000 lb Camo Webbing Breaking Strength
833 lb Assembly Working Load Limit

Camo Endless Ratchet Straps are a very useful tie-down for securing cargo and are one of the most commonly used Ratchet Straps for the hunting industry as well as being great for personal securement applications. Camo Endless Tie Down Straps are very strong straps and are made of polyester tie down webbing that is able to withstand the elements to remain reliable year-round on your tree stands in the woods.

You can pick a length of tie-down webbing that fits your securement needs best as well as the specific ratchet that you want for your application as well. If you don’t find exactly what you looking for or if you need your strap cut to a custom length of webbing we can help you get the desired length made for your secluded tree that has to have a stand-in it to hunt for that big buck.

These Camo Straps are made to order, please choose options below carefully.

$5.50 USD