2 inch Ratchet Straps

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2 inch Ratchet Straps for Cargo Securement

2-inch Ratchet Straps are one of the most common sizes of ratchet straps that are used for cargo securement in the United States. These ratchet straps are used to secure most cargo in the back of a pickup truck or pickup trailer, enclosed moving vans, dry vans, transporting vehicles, and are used on flatbed trailers for the professional trucking industry.

All of our 2-inch ratchet straps are made with polyester tie-down webbing that provides a great strength-to-stretch ratio to help ensure the cargo that you are securing remains safe during the entire transportation process. Some of the added benefits of using this type of tie-down webbing are the durability from being outside in the elements such as rain, snow, direct sunlight, dust, and more!

All of our ratchet straps that come from RatchetStrapsUSA include a clearly readable and visible working load limit (WLL) tag that makes it easy to find the weight limitations of your tie-down straps for added safety. Although we have a lot of stock straps, we also have a large selection of custom-made ratchet straps with options that have been requested over the last 25 years by our customers and improved upon based on customer feedback. Some of our 2-inch ratchet strap customization options include tie-down hardware options such as S Hooks, J Hooks, Chain and Binder, Snap Hooks, Wire Hooks, O Rings, D Rings, and E Track fittings to name a few.

We also have a wide selection of different webbing colors that can be cut to just about any length of webbing that is required for your application needs for an additional price. Some companies also prefer to add their company or business name onto the tie-down straps which we can also do with larger-sized orders. If you are interested in finding more out about our customization options give our team a call at 800-483-2189 today!

How to Tighten a Ratchet Strap Instructions

1. From the bottom of the ratchet strap slowly thread the webbing through the slot in the center of the spool of the closed ratchet.
2. Next pull the webbing through and remove the excess slack or loose webbing to make a firm but not tight webbing.
3. Begin to crank the ratchet handle up and down to tighten the ratchet strap into place. You will want to make sure the item you are transporting is snug, but not too tight that it damages the cargo you are transporting.

How to Loosen a Ratchet Strap Instructions

1. To release the ratchet strap, pull and hold the tab on top of the ratchet assembly to override the ratcheting function.
2. Open the Ratchet until it is completely open and ratchet is laying flat.
3. Grab the polyester tie-down webbing from the nonfixed side and begin to pull the webbing to release.
4. Pull and hold the release tab on top of the ratchet to close the ratchet.

The Different Types of Ratchet Straps

E Track Ratchet Straps – E Track Ratchet Straps are ratchet straps that have been specifically designed for use with e-track rail systems that are installed along the walls and the flooring of trailers and moving vans. Simply latch the e-track fitting into place on the e-track rail and tighten it to the desired tightness and you are ready to hit the road in a matter of minutes saving you time. These straps also work great due to the versatility that e-track can offer through numerous different securement points to make sure your cargo remains secured throughout the next move.

Ratchet Straps with Wire Hooks – Ratchet Straps with wire hooks are one of the most common types of ratchet straps that are used around the house, for everyday use, or for those who are professional truck drivers. Straps that include Wire hook hardware are known around the industry as a great all-around hook for many different securement applications in pickup trucks, moving vans, semi-trailers, dry vans, and more! Wire hooks can easily connect to rails or tie-down hardware rings that are installed along with the flooring of the trailers or interior moving vans.

Ratchet Straps with Flat Hooks – Ratchet Straps with Flat Hooks are one of the most commonly used straps on flatbed trailers as the flat hooks can quickly latch into place along the rails of the flatbed trailer. This provides you with great strength and durability for even the heaviest or oversized cargo that is being transported on the roadways. Flat Hooks connect to the rub rails of the flatbed trailers in a matter of seconds and once tightened they will keep your cargo safe time and time again.

Ratchet Straps with Snap Hooks – Snap Hooks are by far one of our most popular types of Ratchet Straps as they are extremely easy to use as a hook into place from a wide range of different securement points. Great for pickup trucks, pickup trailers, moving vans, semi-trucks, and through securement with D Ring Hardware that is installed to the flooring of trailers. These straps are normally the most commonly thought of strap when people think of Ratchet Straps and are used for a wide variety of securement applications for vehicles, ATVs, and Motorcycles to name a few of the more popular types of ratchet strap applications.

Ratchet Straps with Chain and Hook – Ratchet Snaps with Chain and Hook are used for some of the heavier duty applications such as flatbed trailers for the most part. These straps are extremely heavy and duty and may not be useful for all applications or those who are not professional shippers who may transport cargo often. One of the added benefits to purchasing these straps is their durability over time which helps make these straps a great investment for those who secure cargo often.

Frequently Asked 2 inch Ratchet Strap Questions

Are these Straps DOT Approved? – All of the tie-down straps purchased at RatchetStrapsUSA are approved for use with the Department of Transportation (DOT) general guidelines. All of our ratchet straps also include a clearly visible working load limit tag that helps you understand what your tie-down strap is safely rated for by taking 1/3 of the breaking strength. This gives you a safety umbrella for potential sudden brakes, lane changes, debris in the road, or other motorists who may come into your lane unexpectedly so you remain safe throughout your next journey on the road.

How Do You Release The Straps When Locked? – The easiest way to release the ratchet straps once you arrive at your final destination is to simply open the ratchet tie-down hardware completely flat and pull out the excess tie-down webbing. This will free your straps from the ratchet hardware and give you a chance to inspect your straps before storing them for your next use. If your ratchet becomes jammed during release you will want to ensure that you are moving the excess webbing out of the ratchet hardware slowly to prevent it from becoming even more stuck or tightened inside of the strap.

In a worst-case scenario which typically will never happen to most users, you may need to undo the bolts on the ratchet to release the jammed webbing and ensure when putting the ratchet hardware back together that it is tight enough to not come undone without over-tightening the hardware and potentially stripping it.

Is it Possible To Get A Longer 2-inch Ratchet Strap? – Yes! We have the capability to make almost any kind of tie-down strap in-house so if you need a custom option such as the length of total tie-down webbing or a length of webbing longer on one side of the ratchet strap we can make the straps in just about any length of webbing. If you are interested in purchasing a longer tie-down strap than the options available on our website or if you need it completely custom made you can give our experts a phone call today at 800-483-2189.

Can I secure a small vehicle using these straps? The weight of the vehicle is under the straps rating – You can rest assured that our 2-inch ratchet straps are heavy-duty enough to secure most normal vehicles that are on the road that are not oversized or beyond a normal weight vehicle. We also have a wide variety of bundles that you can find in our Car Tie Downs that include everything you need from start to finish using our 2-inch ratchet straps. Some things to remember are that these are based on normal size and normal in the vehicle’s weight and some applications may require more straps, heavier duty straps, or even a custom length of tie-down webbing. If you need it completely custom-made for your custom application needs you can give our team a call at 800-483-2189 today!

Can These Straps Be Used Long Term For a Trampoline? – We have team members who have personally used our straps that were made in-house to secure trampolines outside and have lasted for over 4 years currently and are still in good shape. One thing to consider when using ratchet straps to secure trampolines is ensuring that the hardware you are latching into to hold the ratchet straps and trampoline into the ground is also heavy-duty to prevent the wind from lifting the stakes out of the ground. After 4 years of using these straps, some of the straps have slightly lost their color but are in overall great physical securing shape.

Is the Breaking Strength for Each Strap or the Total of using 4 Straps? – The breaking strength rating that helps to determine the working load limit is based on each strap. For example, if the strap has a 5,000 lbs working load limit the total of using 4 straps would have a total of 20,000 lbs working load limit. We strongly recommend you always use at least a minimum of four tie-down straps to ensure your vehicle remains safe during transport.

We also never recommend pushing the limits of your straps and allowing you to have some room to work in case of a ratchet strap breaking or coming loose during transport. You can often never fully anticipate how your drive may go with a sudden brake, lane change, or motorists coming into your lane, and will always want to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios.

Can These Straps Be Used in Tree Stands for Hunting Applications? – Absolutely! One of our customer’s more popular applications is for hunting purposes and we have a wide selection of different colors to fit your hunting stands best. We have two several types of popular polyester tie-down webbing in the colors of Black, Olive Drab, and CAMO that are commonly used for Tree Stands.

However, you can decide on the best color that fits your hunting stand needs best as well. We have received feedback that some customers prefer the tree stands to stand out, whereas some prefer the tree stands to more blend into the environment.

Are these straps able to secure a UTV? – Yes, our 2-inch ratchet straps, in general, are able to secure many different sizes of UTVs, ATVs, and Motorcycles of various shapes, sizes, and physical weights. You will want to weigh your offroad ride on a scale or online if possible to match straps with the model number of your ride.

Are these straps sold in a bundle for vehicles? – We do stock several different car tie-down bundles in our online store that are some of our more popular bundles for vehicles. Although these bundles were designed for vehicles and not UTV they will both do exactly the same job. This bundle includes items such as Ratchet Straps with heavy-duty hooks, 2-inch heavy-duty axle straps with delta rings, a RatchetStrapsUSA carrying bag, and a set of gloves. You can view this link by clicking HERE