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Tie Down Strap Protectors for Flatbeds & Flatbed Trailers

In the flatbed and cargo control industry protecting your tie-down straps is a very important thing for many professional truck drivers. There are so many different ways that your tie-down straps could become damaged and simply extending their life can be very beneficial for many reasons. One reason is tie-down straps can get very expensive if you are wearing them out on a consistent basis with the average flatbed winch strap costing upwards of 10-20 dollars each depending on options. The main reason straps wear out fast is they are over tightened, placed on sharp corners or sharp edges, or are even damaged by burn marks from friction burns. One of the worst things about all of the ways the average flatbed winch straps become damaged is it could have likely been prevented or the life span of the strap could have been extended to last longer by using strap corner protectors.

Any winch strap or ratchet strap that wears out during the middle of securing your load can drastically decrease the working load limit of the strap which could become potentially very dangerous to you and other motorists if your straps become past their working load limitations by suddenly missing one of the straps. When the safety of your cargo and the safety of other motorists on the road is at risk we always deeply encourage our customers to spend the extra few dollars per strap on average to have corner protectors for the peace of mind that they can offer any professional truck driver who transports cargo often.

Did you know that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration legally requires you to use edge guards when transporting certain types of cargo such as Metal Coils, Heavy Equipment, Machinery, Vehicles, and Lumber? Although we often see drivers avoiding these in some situations it is not the best practice to participate in as these studies have been researched in order to keep you, your cargo, and other motorists safe. The general rule of thumb for using strap corner protectors you need two corner protectors for each flatbed winch strap or ratchet strap that is used during transport. Another general ruleset is the bigger the physical size of cargo, the bigger the edge guard that should be used on each side of the cargo.

Benefits of using Corner Protector Edge Guards

One of the main benefits of using strap corner protector edge guards is the ability to protect the edges of the cargo and the straps that are securing the load. Edge Guards help provide a barrier between the cargo and the strap which helps the cargo you are securing while extending the lifespan of the tie-down strap you are using for your cargo securement as well. Our normal strength and heavy-duty strength edge guards both are a great addition to any professional flatbed fleet and help provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve through the heavy-duty strength and added durability to your load securement.

Our strap protectors have a raised edge on the sides of the corner protectors that help keep your tie-down strap or chain in place throughout the move. By using corner protectors you can help protect your investment by helping to make your tie-down straps last for longer allowing you to save on not needed strap purchases as frequently. We’ve heard great feedback over the years from our customers who use our edge guards of making their 4-inch winch straps last for nearly double as long as previously without the use of the corner protectors. Help save money where you can by purchasing our heavy-duty corner protectors today!

The Different Types of Strap Corner Protectors

Rubber Corner ProtectorsRubber corner protectors is .25 inches thick and provide a good amount of protection between the strap and the cargo that you are securing in order to avoid sharp edges that could cause the straps to become unusable from burns from friction damage or from sharp edges causing cuts on the strap. These corner protectors quickly and easily slide on the strap and can be moved into place on the sharp edges in a matter of seconds. These corner protectors work great for sharp edges and metal edges that could be rubbing against the tie-down straps.

Plastic Corner Protectorsplastic corner protectors is one of the most commonly used types of strap corner protectors and they can help protect any sort of tie-down strap from sharp edges and friction burns that could weaken the working load limit of the straps over time. These can be a great investment for those who ship often and helps to ensure that your straps remain safe to use.

Heavy Duty Corner ProtectorsHeavy Duty Corner Protectors are similar to our white plastic corner protectors but made for heavier duty applications where the surfaces may require a heavier duty corner protector. One of the great perks of using a heavier duty strap protector is they tend to last longer than our normal plastic corner protectors.

Wool Strap ProtectorPlush Wool Strap Protectors is the perfect solution for anyone securing Motorcycles, ATVs, or UTVs to help protect chrome or other sensitive parts that could have the straps otherwise rubbing against them causing potential scratches. Wool Strap Protectors are a cheap investment for an otherwise expensive headache that could happen to expensive toys.

Heavy Duty Nylon Sleeve Protector6 inches wide nylon sleeve protectors is made from high quality and high durability nylon materials that can work with many different ratchet straps assemblies. This strap is commonly used for chain and hook assemblies are the most commonly used tie-down straps that utilize this sleeve and is used to prevent any scratches or dings on valuable cargo that is being transported. Pair these with corner protectors and they work great for all tie-down straps that are 2 inches to 4 inches wide on your next haul.

Steel Corner Protector with Rubber Backing – Made from steel materials this corner protector with ha rubber backing is the ultimate way to protect tie-down straps, chains, and cables from becoming damaged by sharp edges during transport. This is the ultimate solution for the professional trucking industry and professional movers in order to help prevent damage to tie-down straps or cargo during your next drive by stocking up on Steel Corner Protectors with Rubber Backings.

Plastic Corner Tarp ProtectorPlastic Corner Tarp Protectors that are designed to protect your tarp and coverings from abrasive and sharp edges on your load. These are designed to keep your roll-over tarp from sharp edges that could cause damage to your tarp system could cause the need for repair if you are not careful. This is a great long-term investment for those who use flatbed tarps as a primary way of shipping cargo often.

How to Install Corner Protectors on Flatbed Trailers Instructions

1). First, start by throwing your winch strap over the top of the cargo you are securing and attach your winch strap to your winch installed on the rub rail of the trailer.
2). Next begin to wind up the winch strap until most of the slack is removed and close to being tightened town while still allowing some room for a corner protector to be placed on top of the sides of the cargo you are transporting.
3). Place your strap protectors on the edge of the cargo you are wanting to secure and place the winch strap on top in the center of the strap corner protector.
4). Finish by tightening your winch strap to the desired normal tightness and at this stage of the cargo securement the corner protector should act as a barrier between the cargo and the strap. You should have two corner protectors for every strap that is used on your flatbed trailer when you are completely done securing the cargo.

Frequently Asked Tie Down Protector Questions

Does every strap need a strap protector? – Although every strap does not need a strap protector in order to secure cargo we highly recommend that you use strap protectors when possible. This will help to ensure that your strap remains safer from sharp edges that could cause tears in the webbing, friction burns, or other damage to the webbing. When tie-down straps tend to fail it is almost always caused by the tie-down webbing being torn or burned from friction burns and by using tie-down strap protectors you can help make your straps last for longer. It’s normally much cheaper to buy strap protectors than an entirely new strap in most circumstances and once you have strap protectors they can be used repetitively for a very long period of time.

Are there Tree Stand Strap Protectors? – Currently, there are no known tree strap protectors available for hunting treestand securement applications but we are always on the hunt for new ways to improve our tie-down strap securements so be on the lookout for the possibility in the future.

Do Strap Protectors Have a Working Load Limit? – Strap protectors do not have a working load limit as they have never been officially tested. However, we’ve had great success in our own testing by running them over with forklifts and seeing the tie-down strap corner protectors bend back into shape. Our corner protectors are extremely durable and are made to bend back into place after every use.

What Sizes of Tie Down Straps fit Corner Protectors? – Corner protectors are designed for use with 1 inch, 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4-inch wide tie-down webbing as those are the main sizes used throughout the cargo securement industry. Our most popular corner protectors by far are our popular 4-inch wide white plastic corner protectors and our heavy-duty corner protectors for those heavy-duty cargo securement applications.

Strap Protectors