Strap Corner Protectors

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Strap Protectors for Flatbeds

In the cargo control industry, protecting your tie-down straps is a very important thing. There are so many ways that your straps can be damaged and extending the life of them can be very helpful for so many reasons. Tie-downs can get very expensive if you are wearing them out on a consistent basis and failing to protect your straps when they are rubbing up against your cargo will wear them down very quickly.

Not only are they expensive, but straps that are wearing out can have dramatic drop-offs in working load limits and breaking straight which can be extremely dangerous to you and others around you. What you need are corner protectors to prevent the harmful friction between your straps and your cargo.

Cargo Corner Protectors also called edge protectors, are an effective way to protect your straps from rubbing and cutting on sharp corners or harsh edges. Not only that, some strap protectors are designed to protect the strap and the cargo that is being transported.

So it serves as a two-fold protection system against harmful damage. We have a variety of different strap corner protectors, edge protectors, and Vee boards available on our site. Our rubber corner protectors, which are popular for hauling coil racks, are flexible 12-inch pieces of rubber that come in 2 inches or 4 inch versions.

We also have a wide assortment of plastic corner protectors. We have plastic edge protectors that range in size from 4 inches to 48 inches that are used for many different purposes. Our plastic corner protectors would typically be used to tie down mulch bags or something that is easily damaged while our heavy-duty corner protectors can be used to help secure brick and shingles on a flatbed truck. Another product that flatbed truckers are using is plastic corner protectors for tarps. Whether itʼs Vee boards, edge protectors, or corner guards, we have you covered here at Ratchet Straps USA.

We also have corner protectors to use while you are using a chain to secure your load. Chains require a little more strength to keep them from causing friction with sharp corners so we use our steel corner protectors. These corner protectors have a rubber backing that helps the chain grip the surface and prevents sliding around.

We also have a wool strap protector that is used when hauling ATVs or Dirt Bikes. This corner protector is designed to prevent the straps from taking the paint off of your new ride. If you have any questions about which corner protectors are right for you, give us a call at 800-483-2189 to speak with one of our experts. We look forward to talking with you.