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Car Tie Down Straps for Automotive Vehicle Securement

Car Tie Down Straps – provide great safety and strength for auto hauling companies that transport many vehicles. Industry-standard requirements make auto hauling seem difficult at times but we have everything you need in order to move vehicles safely. Some of the supplies we supply auto haulers with include wheel nets, lasso straps, wheel tie-downs, and axle straps for the auto hauling industry, as well as the general public who transport vehicles.

We supply wheel nets, lasso straps, wheel tie-downs, tire straps, and axle straps for the hauling industry and the general public. We can also custom manufacture any kind of custom-made ratchet straps that are made to order for your vehicle’s unique needs it may require. At Ratchet Straps USA, we pride ourselves on the ability to supply a wide range of straps, ratchets, tie-downs, and wheel nets to match the requirements of any type of hauling job.

What sets our car straps and ratchet straps apart from our competitors our the quality of our tie-downs that are strength-infused and durable. Here at RatchetStrapsUSA, we take pride in the quality of our car tie-down straps that begins with quality polyester webbing that prevents stretching from occurring preventing load shifts. Car Hauler straps are one of the ultimate ways to secure different makes of vehicles such as Ford, Tesla, Chevrolet, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota, Acura, Honda, GMC, Buick, Alfa Romeo, and many more! One of the added benefits of using car hauler tie-down straps or wheel straps that are designed for car haulers that you can even secure side by sides, four-wheelers, golf carts, lawnmowers, and more!

Our satisfied customers know they can depend on us for the safest, most secure, and reliable tie-downs in the industry. Give us a call and let’s get started with your Auto Hauling needs at 800-483-2189 we look forward to speaking with you! You can also place an order online or contact us by using our contact us form.

Wheel Tie Down Straps & Side Mount Wheel Nets

Wheel Tie Down Straps – can also be known around the auto hauling industry as Over the wheel Tie downs or Wheel Nets. Wheel tie-down straps come in a wide variety of combinations that begins with utilizing our high-quality polyester webbing. We choose Polyester webbing for all of our Wheel Tie Down Straps due to the least amount of stretching that can occur during shipping as possible. Stretching during shipping can cause load shifts as well as even potentially losing your load. Wheel straps for car haulers can make the ultimate difference for those who are shipping vehicles often!

Wheel Tie Down Straps are used as one of the best ways to transport vehicles on the back of a flatbed or car hauler trailer. Our full selection of car hauler tie-down straps makes shipping vehicles a normally hard job an easy and safe task. If you have any questions regarding any of our wheel tie-down straps, ratchet straps, or axle straps give our friendly tie-down experts a call at 800-483-2189 and we would be happy to assist you further with any questions or product recommendations you may have.

Side Mount Wheel Nets – Side mount wheel nets are one of the best ways to ensure that your vehicles are going to arrive at their next destination safely without the risk of the vehicle becoming damaged during transit. Side mount wheel nets can also be known around the industry as tire straps as they go directly over the tire of the vehicle. One of the best added benefits of using side mount wheel nets is the ability to allow for a wide ranger of adjustments for use on smaller or larger sized tires with ease. No matter if you are securing a hybrid, sports car, hatchbacks, or pickup truck you can often find they are the perfect fit for most normal-sized vehicles.

Axle Tie Down Straps

Axle Tie Down Straps – are used to tie down vehicles by wrapping around the polyester webbing around the axles in order to keep the vehicle secured during transportation. There are many different ways to secure vehicles, however, axle straps are definitely one of the industries leading ways to transport vehicles to their destination safely and securely. One of the biggest issues with other methods of vehicle securement using ratchet straps is load shifts that could potentially stretch or allow some movement.

Axle Tie Down Straps can help eliminate some of the movement from happening in vehicles by securing directly from the axle. In return for securing your vehicle using axle straps, you can prevent movement, allow minimal stretching, and also provide securement from four different securement points that provide a great extra layer of protection to your vehicle.

We take pride in the quality of all of our products. You can find our Axle Straps with an easily visible Working Load Limit (WLL) and a statement of compliance with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) industry guidelines. If you have any questions regarding any of our Axle Straps or Axle Tie Down Straps give our friendly Axle Strap Experts a call at 800-483-2189 and we would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Automotive Hauling Ratchet Hardware

Auto Hauling Ratchet Hardware is ratchet strap hardware that has been specifically designed for automotive usage. These are designed to hold the weight of your vehicle during shipment as well as to help prevent any damage to your vehicle from happening during transit. They are made from heavy-duty materials in order to be extremely durable as well as being able to get the job done. Some of our popular options include our 2 inch Standard Wide Handle Ratchet with Swivel J Hook and our 2 inch Standard Handle Ratchet with Snap Hook.

No matter if you are looking for wheel straps for car haulers or side-by-side tie-down straps you can rest assured that all of our automotive hauling ratchet hardware has been tested for strength and durability. There is nothing worse than purchasing something online and waiting several days only to find out it is a bad product and you need to purchase another product causing you to spend more money and more time on something that you should have received on the first plate. We have gained trust from our customers over the 20 years to ensure our products are something that we would trust using ourselves.

How to Safely Load a Vehicle for Transport on a Trailer

Before you begin loading any trailer with a vehicle you will want to ensure you have all of the materials needed in order to load the vehicle. Some of the different things to think about include a 2×6 for loading vehicles that are lower in ground clearance to thinking about perhaps adjusting the air in the tires of your vehicle to improve or reduce ground clearance as needed. At this step in the vehicle transportation process, you will want to use an extra set of eyes if at all possible to make things easier. Grab a friend, a neighbor, stranger, or a family member if you are given the chance to provide the highest levels of safety. Let’s now begin with the steps to safely load a vehicle for transport on a trailer.

1). Start by aligning the vehicle you are moving to be centered with the trailer keeping the wheels of the vehicle away from the edges of the trailer.

2). Next, load the vehicle on the trailer by using a winch system that is installed inside of the trailer or by loading the vehicle by driving slowly up the ramps. Never move a vehicle that is in gear forward with a winch as it can start the vehicle causing it to move forward without anyone in it. If you hear any grinding or notice any rubbing stop what you are doing and reevaluate the next steps to take. You may need to put more air in your tires to provide the greatest ground clearance in some circumstances. Remember to never overfill your tires past the limitations that are printed on the sidewall of the tires.

3). Once the car is in the correct spot on the trailer place the parking brake upwards and put the vehicle in park. If the vehicle is a manual transmission consider placing the vehicle in gear to keep the vehicle in place.

4). When it is safe to do so exit the vehicle and step off of the trailer while avoiding any potential tripping hazards. The next step is, to begin with following our step-by-step instructions on how to secure a vehicle on a trailer below.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Secure a vehicle on a Trailer

Once you have correctly loaded your vehicle onto the trailer and have put the vehicle in the correct location for the ultimate balance over the axles you can begin to secure your vehicle into place.

1). First, put the vehicle into gear if the vehicle is manual or apply the parking brake to ensure the vehicle does not move while you secure it.

2). Begin to secure the vehicle with the preferred car tie-down strap by working from the front of the vehicle to the rear of the vehicle to ensure the vehicle remains tightly secured. Remember that for each wheel of the vehicle you will need a wheel strap or a car tie-down strap in order to provide proper securement and weight distribution.

3). Once your vehicle has been completely secured remember to retighten the straps before leaving to ensure the highest levels of safety for your vehicle are reached. After several miles of driving or 5 minutes of time, you should recheck your straps for any movement that has occurred and retighten or adjust accordingly. For every one hour and 15 minutes of drive time, you should always pull over when it is safe to do so and retighten your straps as bumps, turns, or applying brakes can move the vehicle slightly.

Frequently Asked Car Tie Down Strap Questions

How Many Car Tie Down Straps Should I Use? – At the absolute minimum you should always use at least four tie-down straps for each vehicle you are securing using the correctly rated tie-down strap that is accounting for the weight of the vehicle. These straps should be placed in order to help evenly distribute the weight of the vehicle at all four corners.

How Often Should I Retighten My Car Tie Down Straps? – After securing your vehicle you should take a short drive around 5 minutes or approximately 2 miles (3.2 Kilometers) and retighten the straps. This allows for the straps to be adjusted for any movement that has occurred within the first few minutes of transporting the vehicle. You should generally always check your tie-down straps after every 1 hour 15 minutes of driving or 80 miles traveled for any adjustments that need to be made in your strap’s tightness – as well as checking to make sure all of the straps are still working properly.

What should I do if one of my straps becomes damaged? – If one of your straps becomes damaged or completely breaks during transport you will want to pull over immediately as soon as it is safe to do so. Although the working load limit may still be safe to do so you should avoid moving a vehicle with only three straps and should buy a replacement strap. You can find our replacement straps that are sold in individuals or by the set. Depending on the age of the car tie-down straps you may want to consider purchasing a new set as car tie-down straps typically last 1-5 years on average depending on the amount of usage and how they are maintained.

Are Car Tie Down Straps able to Pull a Vehicle as well? – No, these straps are not designed or rated for towing vehicles. For towing applications, you will want to look at our full selection of tow straps.

What are Replacement Car Tie Down Straps? – Replacement Car Tie Down Straps are designed for those who have noticed a damaged strap that is beyond repair and is in need of replacement. This is great for those who purchased a set of car straps and only need one single strap.

What are Cleat Strap Protectors for Car Tie Down Straps? – 2-inch Wheel Tie Down Strap Protectors are used for automotive securement applications such as protecting wheels and rims from becoming damaged in the middle of transportation that could be quite costly depending on the vehicle.

What are Custom Car Tie Down Straps? – Custom Car Tie Down Straps are as the name is implied are completely custom straps that are designed in any custom lengths of webbing, custom tie down hardware, or unique color of polyester tie down webbing with your companies name printed on the strap. These are great if you are supporting your race team, company name, or if you have a custom vehicle that needs its own custom-made straps to ensure the highest amount of safety during transport.

What are the best Car Hauler Straps – Ultimately this will depend on the size of your car hauler. Typically larger professional car haulers will opt to go for Wheel Tie Down Straps with Swivel Hooks. Smaller-sized car haulers or weekend warriors prefer to use Lasso Straps or Side Mount Wheel Nets normally. However, all of this really depends on the type of vehicles you are securing and personal preference as long as the working load limits are not being pushed.

Car Tie Down Straps