Towing Chains and Bridles

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Towing Chains and Bridles

Our Chain V Bridles are a great way to get yourself out of a bind! Towing professionals use towing chains all the time because of their quality and strength. The Grade 70 chain that is used to build our Chain V Bridles is strong and durable and gives the Chain Bridles a Working Load Limit of 4,700 pounds.

Nylon Tow Straps can stretch, scratch, and be worn out by the sun but chains do not have that problem. Chains are extremely durable and can be used for long periods of time without wearing out if they are stored in proper conditions. All of the elements used on our recovery chains are marked with identifiable markings that you can use to identify the proper chain for your needs.

The design of our Chain V Bridles is meant to put very little stress on the axle of the car by applying the weight equally to both sides. This is where the “V” part of the Chain V Bridle comes in. One end of the Chain V Bridles features a master pear ring and two grab hooks for adjusting the chain to the length that you need to avoid putting uneven stress anywhere on the vehicle.

The end that attaches to the vehicle has two large 15 inch Tow Hooks and two 4 inch J Hooks. The Tow hooks are placed around the axle of the vehicle on each side to give a balanced pull on the vehicle. The J hooks can then be used to take out any unnecessary slack in the chain in order to avoid the hard jerk that comes when there is too much slack in the chain. If you have any questions about our towing chains or any of our other products feel free to give us a call at 800-483-2189 or contact us by using our online contact form located at the top of the website. We look forward to helping you find the perfect towing application that fits your needs!