4" Winch Straps

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4 inch Winch Straps

4 inch Winch Straps are the strongest and most heavy-duty winch straps that are available in on our online store. These heavy-duty winch straps are used to help secure heavy-duty machinery and equipment on flatbed trailers that are typically oddly shaped or oversized. What makes Winch Straps such a great way to secure cargo is you can secure loads quickly and efficiently without the endless worry about what to do with excess slack on the tie-down straps.

4 inch Winch Straps attach to the frame of flatbed trailers by using slidable winch systems that can slide into position to then be tightened on the rails of a flatbed trailer. Flatbed Winches are made from sturdy steel mounting points that are bolted or welded into the frame of the trailer to make sure the load is completely secured and tied down. Depending on the normal usage of the trailer and load securement type some winches may be mounted into one place or portable using a slideable truck winch system.

4-inch winch Straps that are found on our website are made from high-grade polyester tie down webbing material that is resistant to scratching, UV rays from the sun, and protecting against stretching that occurs very little compared to other types of tie-down materials. Winch Straps made with any other materials other than polyester. The Working Load Limit for all 4 inch Winch Straps is 5,670 lbs. There are two main standard lengths of tie-down webbing for 4-inch wide winch straps.

The most popular sizes are 27 feet long and 30 feet long lengths of tie-down webbing for flatbeds. If you find yourself needing a cargo control securement that requires a longer strap, we are able to custom cut winch straps in just about any lengths of tie-down webbing needed for your application. If you have any questions; or if you need it custom made contact our experts by giving us a call at 800-483-2189 today or by using our online contact form located at the top of our website.