4 inch Winch Straps

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4 inch Winch Straps for Flatbed Trailers

4-inch winch straps are designed for use on flatbed trailers that are equipped with winch systems along the sides of the trailer. 4-inch winch straps are by far the strongest and most heavy-duty winch straps that are available in the professional trucking industry for flatbeds. These straps are extremely heavy-duty and should never be used in applications that are not designed for flatbed trailers. Some of the applications that 4-inch winch straps are great for on flatbed trailers are those oversized or incredibly heavy cargo loads that normal tie-down straps just can’t get the job done.

All of our winch straps are made from polyester tie down which has a great strength to stretch ratio which is crucial for anyone who is transporting some of the heaviest and oddly shaped cargo on the road. The webbing is extremely durable and the hardware is made from heavy-duty materials to ensure the safety of the cargo and other motorists who are on the road. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for chances are we can custom make in your custom length of webbing, the color of webbing, or even by putting your company name on the webbing.

If you are interested in learning more about our customization options please give our team a call at 800-483-2189 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website if you prefer to use email.

How to make 4 inch Winch Straps Last Longer

One of the best ways to make your winch straps last for longer and also become more durable over time is to use protective Cordura sleeving or corner protectors. Corner protectors work by protecting your tie-down straps from sharp edges on the cargo that would otherwise cause friction burns, cuts, or even just normal wear and tear to produce more quickly. Corner protectors are extremely affordable and a great investment to ensure your straps and cargo do not become damaged during transport as well. You can see our full selection of corner protectors by clicking “HERE”:https://www.ratchetstraps.com/corner-protectors.

The Different Types of Hardware Options for Winch Straps

Wire Hook – Wire Hooks are extremely durable and are made to be able to quickly latch into place on the other side of the flatbed trailer within seconds. This allows you to get your load secured faster to get you back on the road quicker with the peace of mind that you deserve.

Flat Hook – Flat Hooks are similar to wire hooks but are flat and hook into place along the other side of the flatbed trailer as well. These hooks are flatter and cover a wider surface area and are made with the same great materials as our wire hooks. This hardware is meant to be durable and a time saver for those who ship often.

Chain and Hook – Chain and Hook is extremely able to use and simply hook into place on the one side of the strap. These are great for heavier or oddly shaped applications where securement points maybe not widely available.

Forged Delta Ring – Forged D Ring Winch Straps are one of our more popular types of winch straps and may work better for drivers in certain circumstances. These straps are made with our heavy-duty polyester tie-down webbing in the common sizes of 27 feet and 30 feet long, but can also be made to order in just about any length. Made to be durable at an affordable price point to keep you on the road for longer and your cargo safety as the number one priority.