3 inch Ratchet Straps

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3 inch Ratchet Straps

Three inch Ratchet Straps are also known as 3” ratchet straps are made with heavy duty and quality in mind when securing cargo. Made from a high-quality polyester blend our three inch ratchet straps are made for heavy-duty load securement purposes typically for flatbed trucks and trailers, as well as for industrial application uses.Three inch Ratchet Straps are used for the flatbed trucking industry where a higher working load limit and safety rating may be required to safely transport heavy cargo.

The ratchets used on these 3” ratchet straps are about a foot in length and weigh about eight pounds each. This heavy-duty design ensures that the cargo load being tied down are locked in to place securely. The three inch tie down straps is rated for 5,000 pounds, 5,400 pounds, and 5,670 pounds for Working Load Limit depending on the hardware and assembly choices. The 3” ratchet straps can be customized with any of the following attachments such as Deltas rings, Wire Hooks, Flat Hooks, and Loops.

Some more customizations for our three inch ratchet straps can be cut to any length that fits your application best. Just give our friendly tie down experts a call at 800-483-2189 and one of our experienced staff members will be happy in working with you and your tie down needs. If you are not sure the traditional three inch ratchet strap will be able to handle the load that you are hauling make sure to check our 4 inch ratchet strap that is made for the heaviest cargo securement. There are also great for flatbed trucking and allow for more safety in heavy cargo load.

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