2" Cam Buckle Straps

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2 inch Cam Buckle Straps

2 inch Cam Buckle Straps have become of the quickest and most reliable ways to secure cargo. 2 inch Cam Buckle Straps are heavy duty straps that are made from 2-inch wide Polyester Tie Down Webbing that helps fight against potential stretching from occurring. What sets Cam Buckles apart from other Tie Down Straps the ability to never be overtightened compared to other straps such as Ratchet Straps that use a mechanism to assist with tightening. Cam Buckle Straps can only be tightened by as much strength you can use to pull the excess tie down webbing through the Cam Buckle. This prevents the more fragile type of cargo such as Pictures, Televisions, Antiques, Christmas Trees, Kayaks and other cargo from becoming potentially damaged from over tightening.

The way that Cam Buckle Straps work is simple. Polyester Tie Down Webbing from the Cam Buckle Strap is pulled through the Cam Buckle. Once you have the desired tension of your cargo that you need in order to keep it safe during transportation you release the strap. This allows you to simply push the button to open the Cam Buckle Strap to release and pull out the tie down webbing once you are done with using the Cam Buckle Straps. This quick, easy, and secure method of cargo securement has become very popular with professional movers and those who transport more sensitive cargo that needs extra protection when being secured.

Although our 2 inch Cam Buckles are heavy duty we do not recommend securing heavy cargo with these straps. If you are planning on securing heavier cargo then our Ratchet Straps will work better for your applications. As Ratchet Straps can become much tighter due to the ratchet hardware using a clicking mechanism that can only tighten not loosen to be used for cargo securement and as a trucking strap. If you are in the need of Flatbed Straps for the heaviest duty Cargo we recommend using our Winch Straps. Winch Straps are our heaviest duty tie downs we offer for the professional trucking industry and have become part of an industry standard.

If you aren’t sure if 2 inch Cam Buckle Straps will work on your application you can give our Tie Down Experts a call at 800-483-2189 and our team will do our best to find the perfect strap. If we are unable to find the perfect tie down strap for you, we also have had over 25 years of experience is one of the leading manufacturers of Ratchet Straps and have the ability to custom make just about any strap.