2" Webbing

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Replacement Tie Down Webbing

Replacement tie down webbing is available in many different sizes and strengths with our most popular being our 2-inch tie down webbing. Featuring multiple different colors of webbing and tie-down hardware materials.

Ratchet Straps USA has a wide selection of polyester and nylon webbing including; 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch. We stock many different colors and have a great selection that you can use for the straps that you want to be made. We cut the webbing at our facility and sew your straps here with our industrial sewing machines.

Polyester Webbing

Polyester webbing is the shipping and cargo industries choice when it comes to tie down webbings due to the great protection polyester offers. Unlike nylon webbing which tow straps commonly use, polyester webbing doesn’t stretch and stays in place. Not only does this help you when it comes down to securing cargo but it also protects against the elementals incredibly well such as rain, moisture, dry heat, UV rays from the sun, as well as being durable.

Webbing that is made from heavy-duty polyester can expect life spans typically between 2-5 years depending on the amount of usage and safety practices being followed. Polyester webbing absorbs very little water which is great in preventing any mold from growing on your tie down straps.

Webbing Strap

When deciding on which webbing strap works best for your application it is always important to remember to ask if you have any questions regarding what webbing works best for every application. Different weaves of webbing may be used best for various different tasks.

Some of the minor differences that may affect the type of webbings include nylon which is more stretchy and best for towing practices. Where the polyester type of webbing strap is best used when securing items during a move or for any professional flatbed trucker.

Working Load Limit

When buying tie down webbing or replacement webbing it is always incredibly important to do your research and knowing your load you are planning on securing weight. This is due to the fact that different tie down webbing is rated for different weight breaking strength. In other words, the amount of force or pressure it takes in order for the polyester or nylon webbing to snap.

Make sure to always select a tie down webbing with the proper working load limit. In other words 1/3 of the break strength. For example, if you had a 3,000-pound break strength the working load limit would be 1,000 pounds. This is the Department of Transportation guidelines that give you room if an error were to occur to protect yourself and other motorists.

Seatbelt Webbing

Seatbelt webbing is made from heavy-duty polyester webbing that is used for any race cars securement, industrial tasks, and other outdoor securement tasks that may require a different weave of webbing.

Seatbelt webbing has a weave pattern that is much lighter in weight than the regular traditional polyester web weave. However, they are very close in terms of strength from the webbing of each other. Some of the perks of using seatbelt webbing of the traditional polyester or nylon webbing would be the low stretching of the webbing as well as preventing any water being absorbed. Seatbelt webbing contains a much denser and tighter weave than normal webbing which is perfect for any outdoor activities.

Cordura Sleeves

Cordura sleeves go geat with ratchet straps as they prevent against any cuts that could potentially damage your ratchet straps. The Cordura sleeves easily can slide in to place and be secured to protect against any friction that could be caused in shipping helping to prolong the lifespan of your ratchet straps for years to come.

Cordura Sleeves are made from a heavy-duty nylon fabric that is specially designed in order to help protect your ratchet straps and winch straps from any wear and tear. Make sure to choose RatchetStrapsUSA’s Cordura sleeves on your next ratchet straps order to get the most out of your ratchet straps through the toughest conditions.