S Hooks and Snap Hooks

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Hooks are a versatile piece of tie-down hardware in the cargo control industry. If there is an attachment point available, the odds are that there is a tie-down hook that will attach to it. That is what makes these various hooks so useful. Hooks for tie-downs can be used across many industries.

For the auto-hauling industry, there are snap hooks and tow hooks. For the flatbed industry, there are flat hooks and wire hooks. And for the enclosed trailer industry S-hooks are used all the time. Stop hooks are even important in the tenting industry! These examples show just how versatile hooks can be as a securement method.

Tie Down Hooks can be paired with any of our polyester webbing permitting that the webbing is small enough to fit through the attachment point. The tie-down hook you choose matters when talking about hauling heavy loads because a weak hook could cause the strap to fail even if the webbing and tension device is strong enough. Just like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a strap is only and strong as its weakest element which in some cases would be the hook.

It is important to know the breaking strength of every piece of your strap as well as the Working Load Limit of the strap as a whole before you decide to use it. Failure to follow the labeled limits on the strap could be catastrophic to your load and those around you, on the roadways, if you are hauling on the road.

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