1 1/2" Twisted Snap Hook

Item# US-15TSH

5,000 lb Breaking Strength
80 pieces of Twisted Snap Hooks per box

Our 1-1/2-inch Twisted Snap Hook Hardware is an ideal hook for those dealing with tight spaces to latch onto. The Twisted Snap Hook Hardware has a 1/2-inch opening to work with anything from D-rings or O-rings mounted on the trailer. Featuring a 5,000 lb hardware breaking strength and a safe working load limit rating of 1,666 lbs.

This hardware is ideal for those looking for hook hardware that includes a latch to ensure that once it is latched into place it remains safely secured until it is released. Twisted Snap Hooks can be paired with our ratchet hardware to provide peace of mind knowing that your strap will remain safely secured.

This hardware works best for securement applications ranging from outdoor tents rentals, canopies, utility trailers, and more. There are 80 pieces of Twisted Snap Hooks per box count.

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