2" Winch Straps

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2 inch Winch Straps

Winch Straps are the number one tie down straps in the flatbed trucking industry. Trucking professionals love these straps so much because they are easily stored and easily secured. As a trucker, you are only allowed so many hours on the road and getting your load secured quickly is very important. Winch straps help you do exactly that. Winch straps are paired with steel winches which act as a securement point the straps.

Flatbed Winches can be installed on the side of any standard flatbed truck and certain ones can be repositioned easily by taking a bolt or two out. This allows the winch straps to be adjusted to whatever position they need to be in depending on the load that you are securing and how many straps you will be using. All of our 2 inch Winch Straps are rated for 3,335 pounds of Working Load Limit.

2 inch Winch Straps are made from a high-quality polyester material webbing. This webbing is extremely strong and is resistant to stretching, scratches, UV rays, and water which makes it perfect for flatbed hauling where the straps will be exposed to the outside elements sometimes for hours at a time.

We offer our 2 inch Winch Straps in the sizes of 27 feet and 30 feet long being the most common as they fit most standard flatbed trucks. But if you are an exception and need a custom strap cut we do offer custom lengths! Most of the Winch Straps we sell come with either wire hooks or flat hooks on them, but we offer a variety of other attachments to fit any cargo control need you may have. 2 inch Winch Straps are a versatile tool to add to your collection so get yours today! Feel free to give us a call at 800-483-2189 or by using our online contact form located at the top of the website. Our experts are standing by and are ready to help answer any questions or recommend products that help fit your application needs best.