Anchor Shackles

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Anchor Shackles

There are multiple ways to secure a tow strap to your vehicle but one of the most common types of securement is the anchor shackle. Anchor shackles are a safe, sturdy way to help your recovery operation by securing the tow strap firmly to your vehicle. These solid steel shackles are made from solid steel and are designed with your safety in mind. The construction of these shackles is set up to stretch which is a much safer alternative to snapping abruptly.

Many people use their hitch when trying to recover a vehicle but hitches are not designed like shackles and can turn into a deadly projectile in a matter of seconds. Many people have been seriously injured by hitches so it is important to NEVER use a ball hitch as a recovery point!

Our Anchor Shackles come in a variety of sizes. Our 3/8 inch Screw Pin Shackle has a Working Load Limit of 1 ton, our 3/4 inch shackle has a Working Load Limit of 4.75 tons, our 7/8 inch Anchor Shackle has a Working Load limit of 6.5 tons, and our 1.5-inch Screw Pin Shackle has a Working Load Limit of 17 tons!

This wide variety of shackles allows us to provide the right one for virtually every recovery situation. Always check the weight limits of any shackle you are using for a recovery operation and make sure that your shackle is able to do the job. If you think that it will be close to the intended strength; or above you will want to go ahead and get the next level up for maximum safety. If you have any questions about our anchor shackles or any of our other products, give us a call at 800-483-2189 or by using our online contact us form located here.