3/4" - 4.75 ton Screw Pin Shackle

Item# US-4SPS

4.75 Ton – (9,500 lbs) Working Load Limit
3/4 inch Anchor Shackle

4.75 Ton Screw Pin Anchor Shackle is heavy duty and is made from galvanized steel and can be referred to around the towing industry as Screw Pin Shackles or Anchor Pin Shackles for short. Anchor Shackle Pins are commonly used for applications such as Jeeps that are often off-road playing in the mud, snow, or other elements and need to be recovered. The Working Load Limit of Anchor Shackles are permanently shown on each of the shackles. The screw pin is threaded and one leg of the shackle is tapped.

For safety reasons, it is common practice to “mouse” a threaded shackle to keep the pin from coming loose when in use. This can be done by looping mousing wire or nylon zip ties through the hole in the pin and around the body. One of the main disadvantages of using this wire is that the mousing can introduce corrosion because of the material differences.


$6.30 USD