Ratchet Straps

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Ratchet Straps come in a wide variety of sizes such as 1”, 2”, 3”, and 4”. The most common strap sizes are 2” and 4” with our 1” size not far behind. RatchetStraps.com has straps for almost every application and can make custom made tie down straps to fit your needs. The most popular size of ratchet tie down straps are 1” and 2” for the typical user and 2” and 4” for the everyday flatbed trucker. The main things to look for when choosing the perfect tie down straps is the working weight limit that you need the strap to hold.

Our 1” straps can be rated at 500 pounds, 833 pounds, and 1,100 pounds for working load limit depending on the type of assembly options you choose. Our 1” and 2” straps are commonly used for motorcycle tie downs, tree stand straps, packaging and shipping purposes, and DIY projects. Our 2” straps are rated at 915 pounds, 1,466 pounds, and 3,335 pounds working load limit depending on the assembly and are best used for flatbed trucking.

Both our 3” and 4” inch ratchet straps have heavy duty ratchets that are about a foot in length and weigh about 8 pounds. Both strap sizes are rated for 5,000 pounds, 5,400 pounds, and 5,670 pounds as the working load limit depending on assembly choices. These are the strongest ratchet straps we offer for industrial tasks.

By providing our custom made straps we have a strap for almost any need. Some of the customization we offer for our straps include; the vinyl s-hook, wire hook (double j-hook), flat hooks, and snap hooks. However, they are not limited to these hooks. We can make straps with just about any sort of attachments if need be.

Ratchet Straps USA offers:
Clearly labeled working weight limit (WLL)
Complies with DOT standards
Variety of colors
Custom Made options
Assembled in the USA
Timely shipping
Top of the line customer care

Manufacturing ratchet strap tie downs to keep you and your load safe is our priority! Have a custom application that needs a custom made strap? We have got you covered in a timely and affordable manner, give our friendly team a call at 800-483-2189 for more information.