1" Ratchet Strap LONG END with Hook


Tie Down Webbing 3,000 lbs Breaking Strength
Hooks Hardware 3,300 lbs Breaking Strength
Assembly 833 lbs Working Load Limit or 1,100 lbs Working Load Limit depending on options

1-inch Ratchet Strap LONG END with Hook is one of the most common types of Long End parts of a Ratchet Strap. Purchasing this strap is one of the easiest ways to change your 1-inch Ratchet Strap to a different length of webbing or Hook hardware to make a strap like new.

These Straps are made to order, please choose options below carefully.

Please click to choose hook style below. If you choose the Safety Latch S Hook the Assembly Working Load Limit will change from 833 lbs to 500 lbs.

$3.75 USD
Hook Style