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Cordura Sleeve

Cordura Sleeves go nicely with our wide variety of 2 inches and 4 inches Tie Down Straps. The Cordura sleeve helps to limit the friction between the tie-down webbing and whatever you may be securing. Many times straps will be permanently damaged or even broken completely broken because of friction between the webbing and a sharp edge or corner. There are many ways to protect against this friction but using Cordura Sleeves is one of the best and easiest ways! You.

Many of our Tie Down Straps can be ordered with Cordura Sleeves already sewn onto the webbing so you donʼt have to worry about keeping track of them, but they are also available for purchase separately. Buying them separately gives you the ability to slide them up and down the strap to accommodate different kinds of loads. Cordura Sleeve is available in both 2 inch and 4-inch webbing sizes and can be bought by the feet or by the roll.

Cordura sleeves are made from Nylon material that is specifically designed to prevent friction. Damage and cuts caused by friction can become a costly and dangerous situation if not dealt with properly. If you are letting your straps rub up against sharp corners on a consistent basis it greatly increases the risk of a strap being damaged or breaking.

Replacing Tie Down Straps can get expensive and driving loads around with straps that are being cut and frayed is extremely dangerous! You should always check your straps during every stop and make sure that they are not takin too much damage. Cordura Sleeves are a great way to limit that damage! If you have any questions about our products give us a call at 800-483-2189 or contact us by using our online contact us form located here.