Tie Down Webbing

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Polyester Tie Down Webbing

Polyester Tie Down Webbing has become one of the most popular webbings of choice for cargo securement in the moving and professional shipping industries. One of the reasons that Polyester Tie Down Webbing has become the preferred choice for shippers is due to the lightweight design but still being incredibly heavy duty to get the job done right. Some of the perks of Polyester Tie Down Webbing is that the webbing tends to not stretch as much as other webbings such as Nylon Tie Down Webbing.

When shipping cargo or customers valuable possessions the last thing you want is the cargo to come loose causing damage or potential repeat customers. Damage to cargo can cost the shipping industry upwards of 50 billion dollars annually according to the National Cargo Security Council (NCSC). This can lead to customers having a higher shipping price in the future, as well as the potential to lose customers returning business from coming back from previous bad experiences.

Some of the alternative perks of using polyester tie down webbing is the blend of webbing helps to prevent against harmful UV rays from the sun, moisture forming mold, as well as absorbing very little amounts of water that could damage the strength of your straps. Ratchet Straps USA has tie down webbing available in 1 inch tie down webbing, 2 inch tie down webbing, 3 inch tie down webbing, and 4 inch tie down webbing used for the professional trucking industry.

Polyester webbing is available in many different sizes and rated for different strengths so it is important to check the weight of your cargo before choosing a tie down strap or webbing. Our most popular size of tie down webbing by far is our 2 inch Straps that are extremely heavy duty and can be used in the back of pickup trucks or in the back of a trailer.

These straps although light in weight are incredibly heavy duty and are widely used inside of the shipping industry and moving industries as one of the most reputable forms of cargo securement. Behind our 2 inch Straps popularity our 4 inch Heavy Duty Straps are incredibly popular for the flatbed trucking industry. These Truck Winch Straps are the heaviest tie down straps in our inventory and are used for the heaviest cargo.

Replacement Tie Down Webbing

Replacement Tie Down Webbing is available for tie down webbing that may have become damaged during transportation. One of the ways that polyester tie down webbing, as well as other forms of tie down webbing, become destroyed is due to improper storing techniques that can be caused from extreme heat or moisture forming mold. It is important to always store your tie down straps inside of a shaded dry area so that the tie down straps are not destroyed over a period of time.

Friction can also become one of the leading ways that tie down webbing becomes destroyed every year typically from a sharp edge rubbing against the tie down webbing creating burn spots in your webbing. This is commonly caused by the excess tie down webbing not being secured around the ratchet straps causing the wind to move the tie down webbing quickly while driving down the road.

As time goes on you may notice visible defects in your tie down webbing from prolonged use of the tie down straps you are using. As part of helping to extend the lifespan of the hardware that is included with your tie downs we offer a full range of different tie down webbing that can replace the damaged tie down webbing to make a like new tie down strap.

Seatbelt Webbing

Seatbelt Webbing comes in the break strength of 6,000 lbs and the weave is much lighter in weight than traditional polyester tie down webbing. Seatbelt webbing is 2 inches wide and works with our famous 2 inch tie down hardware. Some of the colors that are offered are Black, Gray, and White. Seatbelt webbing has a much denser and tighter weave than our normal tie down webbing. Our seatbelt webbings main job is for cargo securement but has a different weave design that can be much better for securing different types of cargo.

Cordura Sleeves

Cordura Sleeves go hand and hand with Ratchet Straps by extending the lifespan of the product. Cordura Sleeves help avoid any cuts in the tie down webbing that could damage your ratchet straps. Cordura sleeves simply slide into place and can be placed into the location where friction or sharp edges may rub against during shipping. This not only prolongs the lifespan of your ratchet straps but can protect your load during shipping from potential breaking tie downs.

Cordura Sleeves are made from a heavy duty Nylon Fabric that is specifically designed in order to protect your ratchet straps and winch straps from any wear and tears. Make sure to add Ratchet Straps USA’s Cordura Sleeves on your next ratchet straps or winch straps order to get the most out of your tie down straps through the toughest conditions possible.