4 PACK 1" x 8' CAMO Ratchet Strap w/5" Loops

Item# US-1RSLCamo-4

Ratchet 3,300 lbs Breaking Strength
Webbing 3,000 lbs Breaking Strength
Assembly 833 lbs Working Load Limit
Contains 4 Camo Ratchet Straps in this Bundle
A loop is on each end of the camo ratchet strap.

7 inches of webbing between ratchet and loop on the fixed end

An ever-growing problem with tree stand ratchet straps is the fact that most tree stands do not come with ratchet straps that are strong enough to trust, nor do they all have attachment points for the hooks you need. This bundle contains 4 of our popular 1” x 8’ CAMO Ratchet Straps with 5-inch Loops for one great price.

These straps are great for outdoor use and outside in the elements such as rain, snow, ice, extreme heat, extreme cold, and strong winds. The CAMO webbing helps to make these straps blend into the scenery for hunters and those who are wanting their hunting tree stands to not be visible to others.

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