Chain V Bridle with 15" and 4" J Hooks Grade 70


Working Load Limit – 4,700 lbs
• Made from 5/16 inch Grade 70 Transport Chain
• Includes 15 inch Tow Hooks & 4-inch J-Hooks
• Master Pear Ring with Grab Hooks
• Label attached showing the Working Load Limit

Chain V Bridle with 15 inch Tow Hooks and 4 inch J Hooks make this one of the best ways to recover vehicles that have become stuck in the elements. No matter if you find yourself stuck in the snow, sand, mud, water, or other elements this is the recovery Chain V Bridle that you need!

Some of the perks to using this Chain V Bridle includes our easily visible label showing the Working Load Limit (WLL) for the bridle so you can easily determine if it is safe for your application. This is one of our best sellers for Towing Chains and Bridles and is made to be strong and durable. Please give our towing experts a call at 800-483-2189 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website if you have any further questions.

Price is based on per piece of Chain V Bridle

$53.00 USD