1" x 15' Cambuckle Tent Strap w/ Oval Ring & Snap Hook

Item# US-1CBTS

Cam Buckle Hardware 1,500 lb Breaking Strength
Snap Hook Hardware 5,000 lb Breaking Strength
Oval Ring Hardware 5,000 lb Breaking Strength
Tie Down Webbing 6,600 lb Breaking Strength
Assembly 500 lbs Working Load Limit

1” x 15’ Cam Buckle Tent Straps with Oval Ring and Snap Hooks are one of the most commonly used types of tent straps for the professional tent rental industry. The White Tie Down Webbing is visible to guests and makes it easy to avoid and not walk into the tent securement. These Straps feature a 500 lb Assembly Working Load Limit and are great for securing canopies and almost all sizes of party tents.

These Straps are made to order, please choose options carefully.

$10.00 USD