2" Cam Buckle 3000 lbs

Item# US-2CB3

3,000 lbs Breaking Strength
Contains 100 pieces per box count

2 inch Cam Buckle Hardware with a 3,000 lbs Breaking Strength is the ultimate way to secure cargo that might be sensitive or prone to damage from over-tightening. Cam Buckles work great on antiques, valuable cargo, sentimental cargo, or when you are moving customers’ possessions and can’t risk costly insurance claims.

This hardware is one of the most widely used for moving companies, moving vans, and dry vans. You can simply thread the webbing through the Cam Buckle and pull to desired tightness and release the cam buckle to be secured. Your cargo can be secured within seconds and untightened even quicker!

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Price is based on per piece of 2 inch Cam Buckle with a 3,000 lbs Breaking Strength

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