2" Custom USA Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap with E-Fittings


Ratchet Hardware 11,000 lbs Breaking Strength
Tie Down Webbing 12,000 lbs Breaking Strength
E Track Fitting 4,500 lbs Breaking Strength
Assembly 1,466 lbs Working Load Limit

2-inch Custom Heavy Duty Ratchet Strap with E Track Fittings that are made in the USA are thee customized straps that are made to last for all of your hauling needs. This strap can be custom made with the choice of webbing color, length, fixed end length, and choice of ratchet hardware options that fit you best. E Track straps are able to quickly latch into e track rails that are installed into the walls or flooring of the trailer allowing you to utilize the strength of the trailer to secure cargo efficiently.

This tie-down strap is made in the United States and is inspected and assembled by our tie-down strap experts in Ohio. Every strap is inspected for defects or potential damage before assembly as well as after it is assembled. The materials on these straps are very closely the same as in our in-stock straps.

These straps are made to order, please choose options below carefully

$14.00 USD
Fixed End Length