2 Inch Standard Pro Series Slackline

Item# US-2SPS

• 2-inch wide Slackline that is made to your desired length and color options.
• Includes 1-inch Slackline assist strap for beginners and expert slackliners.
• Easy to set up and takedown using the 2 part kit.
• Locking Ratchet Hardware
• 7’ Long Ratchet End Strap
• Fully Wrapped Loops for Wear Protection Safety
• Maximum Tension of 4 Tons

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The standard ProSeries slackline is the ultimate for leisure or a little bit of friendly competition. This slackline is responsive and stable. The standard slackline is best suited for a variety of users and can accommodate any skill set.

Also included is a 1” Slackline Assist strap that is to be mounted above the head of the user to hold while learning to use the slackline. It will also mount from tree to tree above the user. This strap will be made of black material and is made according to the specs you choose for the Standard ProSeries slackline.

$39.95 USD
Long End Length