4" Webbing

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4 inch Webbing

4-inch webbing is the strongest tie-down webbing available on our site! This type of webbing is used in the hauling of large machinery and heavy industrial equipment so strength and durability are very important attributes. This style of webbing is used extensively in the flatbed industry because of its ability to secure even huge construction equipment. The breaking strength of our 4-inch Webbing ranges from 20,000 pounds to 24,000 pounds depending on the style that you order. Webbing is a good alternative to chains because it is much lighter, more affordable, and easier to store. Four-inch webbing is typically paired with a Flat Hook or Wire Hook to from our Winch Straps. Winch Straps are used extensively in the flatbed industry because of their easy setup and convenient storage.

Our 4-inch Webbing is made out of rigid polyester material. Polyester allows out straps to lock in loads tightly and hold them there without stretching. It also has water, UV ray, and rain-resistant qualities that allow the strap to endure the harsh elements that it is often exposed to. Being resistant to these things can greatly prolong the life of your straps and increase safety for you and those around you on the roads. Our webbing is available by the roll or by the strap in the form of a Ratchet Strap or Cam Buckle Strap. If you have any questions about our webbing, give us a call at 800-483-2189 or contact us by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website.