Everything You Need to Know About 4 Inch Winch Straps

Published on 10/14/22

Flatbed Trailer Carrying Building Materials with Winch Straps

What Are 4-inch Flatbed Winch Straps?

4-inch Flatbed Winch Straps are the most commonly used type of tie-down straps for the flatbed trailer cargo securement industry. One of the reasons 4-inch winch straps are popular amongst professional flatbed truck drivers is the cost-per-strap is much more affordable than alternative 4-inch Ratchet Straps.

On average 4 inch Winch Straps are less than half the price of alternative 4-inch ratchet straps which helps owner operators and fleet owners money when it’s time to replace the winch straps.

Another one of the expected benefits of using 4-inch flatbed winch straps is they can provide your cargo with heavy-duty securement to help move hefty physical weight and oversized cargo with ease. Winch Straps can also be paired with a variety of different corner protectors that are designed to help protect your strap’s webbing and the cargo from becoming damaged from friction burns or sharp edges.

Winch Straps are different from traditional tie-down straps as they are tightened by a trailer winch that is installed along the rub rails of a flatbed trailer. This helps to make tightening and releasing the straps extremely effective and time efficient for drivers to help them stay on the road.

The most common lengths of 4-inch winch straps are 27 feet long and 30 feet long respectively for most normal cargo securement applications on a flatbed trailer. 4-inch Flatbed Straps are often tightened by using a combination winch bar that is designed to help quickly tighten the straps and remove the slack.

Flatbed semitrailer securing cargo with winch straps and tarp  Ratchet Straps USA

The Different Types of 4 Inch Winch Straps End Fittings

4 inch x 30 Feet Winch Strap with Flat Hook  Ratchet Straps USA

4-inch Winch Strap with Flat Hooks – 4-inch Winch Straps with Flat Hooks are by far the most popular type of flatbed straps due to their extremely easy-to-use and heavy-duty design. 4-inch Flatbed Winch Straps with Flat Hooks are most commonly used to secure various cargo on flatbed trailers such as building materials, pallets, machinery, farm equipment, and just about anything else you could think of on the road. Flat Hooks are extremely user-friendly and time-saving compared to some alternative straps and are made commonly in 30 feet lengths of webbing.

4-inch Winch Straps with Flat Hooks can also be custom-made to order with various color options, lengths of webbing, as well as stenciling company names on the webbing itself. 4-inch Winch Straps with Flat Hooks are available 27 feet long, 30 feet long, and custom-made to order. If you want to learn more about our custom winch straps with flat hooks, give our experts a call at 800-483-2189 or contact us online.

4 inch x 30 foot Orange Winch Strap with Wire Hooks  RatchetStrapsUSA

4-inch Winch Strap with Wire Hooks – 4-inch Winch Straps with Wire Hooks are one of the more commonly used types of winch straps and are a great alternative for flat hooks. Wire Hooks help to ensure that your securement does not move out of place once tightened and provides an easy-to-use design. 4-inch Winch Straps with Wire Hooks quickly hook into place and can be tightened by using a combination winch bar in a matter of minutes for most loads. Available in 27 feet long, 30 feet long, and custom straps made to order in custom lengths and colors.

4 inch Winch Strap with Delta Ring  RatchetStrapsUSA

4-inch Winch Strap with Delta Ring – 4 inch Winch Strap with Delta Rings is used to connect with grade 70 or equivalent transport chain to secure a wide range of different cargo from farm equipment, machinery, construction materials, and more. Delta Rings help attach to a variety of different transport chains and hook quickly secure some of the heaviest cargo on the road. Available in 27 feet long, 30 feet long, and custom-made to order with a variety of different options.

4 inch Winch Strap with Chain and Hook  RatchetStrapsUSA

4-inch Winch Strap with Chain and Hook – 4 inch Winch Strap with Chain and Hook is used to secure heavy-duty machinery, farm equipment, vehicles, raw materials, construction supplies, and some of the heaviest loads on the road. Featuring our Grade 70 Transport Chain Anchor and 4-inch wide polyester webbing with a 24,000 lbs webbing breaking strength. These straps are often paired with chain grab hooks and other transport chain accessories. Designed with options that fit YOU best such as length of webbing and the color of webbing.

4 inch Winch Strap with 10 inch Loop  RatchetStrapsUSA

4-inch Winch Strap with 10-inch Loop – 4-inch Winch Straps with 10-inch Loop are designed for use with securing a roll of hay that could weigh upwards of several thousand pounds. Featuring a sewn loop that provides extreme strength and added durability from the sewing stitching pattern. Although, the main use for this strap is for use with securing rolls of hay for farm use it can be used for a wide range of different securement applications as well. Available in 27 feet long, 30 feet long, and custom made to order with options that fit your securement needs best.

Flatbed Securing Building Materials with Winch Straps  RatchetStrapsUSA

Custom Made to Order 4 Inch Winch Straps

Often we find ourselves settling for straps that are most closely based on the length, width, or color of webbing to secure cargo with. The good news is it doesn’t have to always be that way. Choose options that fit YOU best for one affordable additional price as a majority of our flatbed winch straps are custom-made to order in-house at RatchetStrapsUSA.

This allows you to pick the exact length of webbing, the color of the webbing of choice, stenciling options, end fitting options, and the width of the webbing to help make the perfect strap. Learn more about our customization options or receive a quote for the ideal custom-made strap by calling our experts at 800-483-2189 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website. We look forward to helping you build the perfect custom-made-to-order strap.

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Jet being tied down with 4 inch winch straps on a flatbed trailer

Frequently Asked 4 Inch Winch Strap Questions

Are 4-inch Winch Straps or 4-inch Ratchet Straps Better for Flatbeds – Ultimately it depends on what you are securing and personal preference. A majority of professional flatbed truck drivers will opt for winch straps as they are cheaper to replace and you do not have to worry about moving around an 8 lbs piece of ratchet hardware to secure. Although in certain circumstances and securement applications ratchet straps may be quicker to secure, it could mostly be the personal preference of the drivers.

What is the Working Load Limit for 4-inch Winch Straps? – 5,400 lbs to 5,670 lbs is the commonly found working load limit for our 4-inch winch straps are considered very heavy duty and accommodates most securement applications. Working Load Limits are found by taking 1/3 of the breaking strength and are used to find the safe working load limit for each strap used.

How Long Do Flatbed Winch Straps Last? – Ultimately, this depends on the amount of daily use for most professional flatbed truck drivers but an average of several weeks to several months per strap is a ballpark estimate. This can be improved by shipping cargo less often or with the use of corner protectors that help to protect the tie-down webbing from sharp edges that could cut or damage the straps over time.

How Many 4-inch Winch Straps Should I Use? – You should always use at minimum at least four different tie-down straps per securement application on average. This helps to increase the amount of safety for both yourself, other motorists, and the cargo securement in case a strap were to break.

Winch Straps and other tie-down straps can break from excessive load strain from a sudden brake, a sudden lane change, a load shift from a quick acceleration, taking a corner too fast, and many other elements that may happen on the way to your next stop. Remember that working load limits (WLL) were put into place to keep you safe and you should never exceed the tie-down straps limitations.

How Many Winch Straps Do I Need? – Most professional truck drivers will tend to buy a box or two of ten winch straps at a time per truck. This helps to provide you with the number of straps you need to secure your load as well as several extras in case the straps were to break during transport.

Do You Need Corner Protectors for Winch Straps? – Although they aren’t a requirement to use winch straps we can’t recommend them enough as they can greatly improve the amount of product lifecycle you can expect out of your tie-down straps.