The 5 Best Ways to Secure Cargo for Truckers in 2020

Published on 12/27/19

Semi Truck Loading up for transportation

When it comes to securing cargo in 2020 there is a lot of things to factor. There is now a much larger audience than ever before purchasing products online and the time frames of getting a product to customers without damage are more important than ever before. Having a customer wait several days without a package they ordered online, only to receive the product several days later may encourage a customer to switch to buying from another company or switching cargo transporters in the future.

Today we will be going over a list of some of our favorite methods to secure cargo for truckers that not only save time, utilize space, and ultimately keep you on the road for longer making YOU more money. Let’s begin with 5 of the Best Ways to Secure Cargo for Truckers for 2020 to help you save time and money by staying on the road for longer.

3 inch ratchet strap made for semis

Winch Straps for Flatbeds

Winch Straps is one of the most vital types of straps for Flatbed Trailers as they are able to secure some of the toughest weights of cargo that you may run across hauling on the road. They are extremely quick to use and they are able to run along the sides of the flatbed trailers rails to help create a quick and easy securement. Some of the perks of using Winch Straps are you can often find Winch Straps in almost any custom length of tie down webbing, 1 to 4-inch wide winch strap webbing and hardware options that fit your securement needs.

Some of the success behind Winch Straps is that they can be tightened extremely tight depending on your cargo securement needs. Due to the rails on the side of the trailer running you can easily adjust the securement angle you need in order to create the perfect securement for your cargo as well. This creates an all-around top solution method for securing cargo for the professional trucking industry for flatbed trailers.

Cargo Bars for Semi Trucks

Cargo Bars for Tractor Trailers

Cargo Bars are one of the must-have picks for any truckers looking to stay more organized while securing the most amount of cargo possible. Cargo Bars are bars that are able to be secured by ratcheting the handle into the walls of the trailer walls creating a tight securement. The bars are able to hold cargo or boxes in place and able to prevent them from moving away from the securement zone or tipping over.

Some of the perks to using Cargo Bars are that they are a great investment as they are made from high-grade aluminum or steel. Load Lock Bars are able to be made in many different lengths or customization options which is one of the reasons for it being so highly used in the shipping world. Decking Beams is another form of Cargo Bars that is able to create layers or decks that allow for more space to be utilized at once. Saving time securing and saving space that is readily available inside of the tractor-trailer can help make fewer trips and allow for truck drivers to stay on the road for longer. This is a great combination for any trucking fleet owner to purchase a great investment.

Plastic Corner Protector for Flatbeds

Strap Corner Protectors for Flatbed Cargo Securement

Strap Corner Protectors is one of the best long term investments for any flatbed transportation company to keep straps longer lasting. Strap Corner Protectors not only defend your straps against sharp edges but they also have the ability to prevent or slow down friction from edges touching your straps that could weaken the tie-down strap’s webbing over time. Remember a tie-down strap is only as strong as its weakest point. Meaning that if one point in the strap wears out then the rest of the strap’s ability to secure cargo will also fail. If you are someone who ships cargo often, or someone who is involved in a professional trucking fleet this is one of the most key important things to look into for 2020.

There are two main different types of corner protectors with the most common being heavy-duty deluxe corner protectors that are made from a high-quality plastic blend that is flexible but protects surfaces and edges completely. Rubber Corner Protectors is a great tool to keep your straps from moving out of place. The Rubber blend is able to slide along the tie-down strap’s webbing so you can easily slide in to place on sharp edges. This allows for the corner protectors to not become lost during transportation or during times of storage.

E Track Strap being used to secure a pallet

E Track Straps for Enclosed Vans and Enclosed Trailers

E Track Straps is one of the best methods of cargo securement as you are able to quickly fasten e rack straps into e track rails that create a secure cargo securement in vans or trailers. This utilizes the strength of the flooring or the walls of the trailer to keep your cargo from moving or tipping over. E Track Straps have a wide variety of different hardware options available such as Cam Buckles, Ratchets, E Track Dolly Straps, and Rope Tie Offs just to name a few of the more popular options that we have in our online inventory.

E Track Straps have the ability to be custom made in just about any length of tie-down webbing or hardware options that fit your securement needs. E Track straps are the lightweight yet super effective way to secure cargo for any professional mover due to the versatility of E Track to be able to be latched into many numerous different positions which are ideal for movers who may be dealing with a wide variety of different size and weights of cargo.

2 inch Cam Buckle Straps with E Track Fittings

Cam Buckle Straps for Professional Movers

One of the very last best ways to secure cargo for truckers on our list is Cam Buckle Straps. Cam Buckle Straps are one of the best ways that professional movers are able to transport cargo in the back of a dry van or moving van. Part of the success across the industry for Cam Buckle Straps is due to the ability to almost never over tighten cargo, as the cargo is tightened by the amount of strength you are able to pull through the cam buckle. Once the desired strength is reached you release the cam buckle onto the tie-down webbing and the webbing is locked into place creating a tight securement.

When you are done using the Cam Buckle Strap once you arrive at your next move you can simply open the Cam Buckle with tiny teeth that are used to keep the cargo in place to be removed by opening the cam buckle. Once the cam buckle is opened the tie-down webbing can easily be pulled out of place and stored in a safe dry location to be used at another point in time or during your next move.

If you have any questions feel free to contact our team by using our online contact us form located at the top of our website or by giving us a call at 800-483-2189. Our trucking securement experts are standing by and willing to help answer any questions you may have.