The Benefits of using Edge Protectors with Tie Down Straps

Published on 02/19/24

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In today’s blog post, we will be going over the major benefits of using edge protection in combination with tie-down straps to help keep your straps in good shape and longer lasting. Let’s begin with some of the major benefits of using corner protectors and edge protection for your cargo control securement applications.

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What is Edge Protection for Tie Down Straps?

Edge Protection is known around the cargo control industry to protect your tie-down straps from sharp edges when tightening your cargo into place. The number one way that ratchet straps and tie-down straps fail or become in need of replacement is due to damaged webbing. Damaged webbing is the number one way in which tie-down straps fail as the heavy-duty metal hardware and ratchet tend to last much longer than the webbing.

Edge protectors can come in several different variations such as corner protectors, Cordura sleeves, or strap protectors. Edge protectors can come in several different materials ranging from rubber, heavy-duty plastic, wool, or Cordura sleeves. All of these materials help to protect the straps from friction burns or sharp edges that can cause cuts while going down the road from rubbing against surfaces or flapping in the wind.

The most commonly used material by far is heavy-duty plastic. It is extremely affordable and provides excellent results at providing a barrier between sharp edges and your tie-down straps of preference to help keep them in great shape long-term.

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The Benefits of Using Edge Protection with Tie Down Straps

Increased Durability and Protection – One of the major benefits of using edge protection is that you can normally expect to see your tie-down straps longer as the webbing is protected during transit. This helps to protect the webbing against abrasion, and sharp edges, and prevent damage while going down the road.

Saving You Money Over Time – This helps you save money from purchasing or repairing straps that have become damaged at a fraction of the price over time. The average edge protection ranges from 2 to 10 dollars per piece depending on the material and the size, whereas 4-inch ratchet straps can range upwards of 40 dollars. This helps to save you money in the long run as corner protectors are designed and engineered to last.

Designed for Repetitive Usage – Edge protectors bend back into shape and some can even be run over by a forklift and bend back into their shape as part of their engineered design. This helps you to store in between uses and be ready to use them for the next move without issue.

Wide Selection for Various Cargo Loads – There are numerous different sizes and strengths of edge protectors to help you find exactly what you are looking for to fit your moving needs best. You can view our full selection of products that we offer in our Edge Protectors section of our website.

Some of our popular options include our affordable 4-inch white plastic corner protectors, our deluxe corner protector, our heavy-duty corner protector, or our 48-inch heavy-duty corner protector for those who are using multiple tie-down straps on the same area of the cargo. We have a wide selection of edge protectors for almost any securement application you can imagine.

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The Most Popular Types of Edge Protection and Corner Protectors

Deluxe Corner ProtectorDeluxe Corner Protector is one of the most popular types of edge protection and is 3.5 inches wide x 11.5 inches in length and is made from strong and yet durable plastic materials. One of the main reasons for its extreme popularity is the flexibility of protecting anything from 1 to 4-inch tie-down straps or ratchet straps It has groves that help to hold the straps in place so they are not at risk of coming undone and exposing your strap to sensitive surfaces.

Heavy-Duty Plastic Corner Protector – Our Heavy-Duty Plastic Corner Protector is another ideal edge protector as it is 11 inches in long and has a 4.25-inch drop from the peak of the corner protector. This helps to provide ultimate protection for various 1-inch to 4-inch wide tie-down straps and the heavier-duty plastic helps improve the levels of protection that the corner protector can offer as well as expanding how long the product lasts from increased durability.

Heavy Duty Edge Protection  Ratchet Straps USA

Heavy-Duty Corner Protector – Our Heavy-Duty Corner Protector is another one of our most popular products as well and is made with heavy-duty materials and is 8 inches wide x 10 inches in length and comes in optional colors of blue or orange. This is by far one of our top sellers as it is extremely economical and long-lasting to protect your investment on straps.

Plastic Corner Tarp Protector – Lastly, one of the newer edge protectors on the market is our Plastic Corner Tarp Protectors that is designed to help keep tarps in good shape and preventing abrasive and sharp edges along your load from causing damages to the tarps which can be costly to replace flatbed tarps. Made from black plastic material and is triangle-shaped with a rounded top to provide a barrier from sharp edges.

Wool Strap Protector with Edge Protection

Wool Strap Protectors – Wool strap protectors are designed to protect the tie-down straps webbing from causing scratches while securing anything from motorcycles, scooters, vehicles, or other sensitive metal, chrome, or painted surfaces from becoming scratched or scuffed while holding the cargo in place. This is ideal for professional automotive or motorcycle transporters as it helps to reduce the chance of expensive or sensitive surfaces becoming damaged.

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