The Complete Beginners Guide on Tie Down Hardware

Published on 09/09/22

28221 Tie Down Hardware

What is Tie Down Hardware Used For?

Tie Down Hardware is designed for use in creating various different tie-down straps such as Ratchet Straps, Cam Buckle Straps, E Track Straps, Flatbed winch Straps, and Car Tie Down Straps to name a few. Tie Down Webbing plays an extremely important part in being able to ship cargo across the United States and across the globe by keeping cargo safe in place from Point A to Point B.

Without Tie Down Hardware any cargo being transported in the back of pickup truck beds, pickup trailers, moving vans, dry vans, box trucks, or flatbed trailers would bat at extreme risk of tipping over or coming undone causing damage to your cargo and potentially injuring other motorists. There is various different tie-down cargo to support a wide range of cargo securement application needs, as well as various working load limits to ensure your next cargo transport is safe.

Some of the different types of Tie Down Hardware include Ratchet Hardware, Cam Buckle Hardware, E Track Fittings, Hooks, and Rings to name a few of our popular options. You can find various different sizes of tie-down hardware to accommodate 1-inch wide to 4-inch wide polyester tie-down webbing to secure almost any size and weight cargo you could imagine.

Tie Down Ratchets

The Different Types of Ratchet Hardware

RatchetStrapsUSA has a wide range of different Ratchet Hardware that is specifically designed with numerous working load limits and securement applications in mind. No matter if you are using a 1-inch ratchet strap in the back of a pickup truck bed to secure groceries, a professional mover using our 2-inch ratchet straps with e-track fittings, or someone who is securing some of the heaviest cargo on the road with a 4-inch ratchet strap on a flatbed trailer we have you covered.

Some of the different ratchet hardware options we have include our Stainless Steel Ratchet Hardware, Zinc Coated Standard Ratchet Hardware, Rubber Grip Ratchet Hardware, Black Ratchet Hardware, and Small Ratchets to fit in locations where space may be more limited. Also, make sure to check out some of our Ratchet Hardware attachments such as Snap Hooks, Swivel J Hooks, Finger Hooks, Chain Extension, and Grab Hook.

We have a wide selection of 1-inch Ratchet Hardware, 2-inch Ratchet Hardware, 3-inch Ratchet Hardware, and 4-inch Ratchet Hardware to accommodate many different custom-made ratchet strap combinations.

A few things to think about when choosing the perfect ratchet hardware is if you are going to be outside in the elements where having extra added grip can be beneficial. As well as if you are going to be using ratchet straps for marine applications you may want to opt for stainless steel ratchet hardware to help prevent potential corrosion and rust.

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Ratchet Strap Assembly Options

The Different Types of Hook Hardware

S Hooks Hardware – S Hooks hardware is designed to quickly attach and be released from various securement points in a matter of seconds. Features numerous different breaking strengths, sizes, and coatings such as our Vinyl Coated S Hook S Hooks come in both small and large sizes to fit numerous different securement application preferences.

S Hooks get their name from the shape resembling an “S” shape pattern design. When it comes to tie-down hook hardware “S” Hooks are by far one of the most popular types of hooks hardware that we sell for professional and first-time cargo transporters.

Snap Hooks HardwareSnap Hooks are similar to S Hooks shape but snap into place and can not be released out of the securement anchor point unless pressure is applied to the snap hook. This is ideal for those who worry about their cargo coming undone on the road or those transporting higher value or sensitive cargo that may not be able to be replaced.

Vinyl Coated S Hook with Safety LatchVinyl Coated S Hook with Safety Latch is designed to be similar to our normal S Hooks but has a safety latch to help avoid the s hook design from coming undone during transport. This added security is great for professional movers or those who are transporting cargo that is at high risk of load shifts.

J Hooks HardwareJ Hooks get their name from the shape of the hardware that makes a “J” shape and can be latched into a wide variety of different securement points such as rings, rails, and other various securement points.

A majority of the time you will find that most j hooks are on a swivel in order to find the perfect angle when securing cargo such as a vehicle in place from a variety of different angles from vehicle to vehicle. They can also often be called “Swivel J Hooks” for short around the industry.

Wire Hooks HardwareWire Hooks is one of the most common types of tie-down hardware and is designed with heavy-duty strength and versatile design that helps to quickly attach to a securement point to help get drivers back on the roadways quicker. Available in a wide variety of different sizes, colors, coatings, and working load limits. Wire Hooks are available in many different working load limits and breaking strengths such as standard duty and heavy-duty wire hook varieties.

Flat Hooks HardwareFlat Hooks are most commonly used for applications on flatbed trailers in combination with ratchet hardware or installed flatbed winches installed along the rub rails of flatbed trailers. Flat Hooks are one of the best ways to ensure cargo on an open trailer does not come undone while in transit. Our 2-inch Flat Hooks feature 3,335 lbs WLL and a 5,400 lbs WLL for our 4-inch Flat Hooks designed to secure some of the heaviest cargo.

Chain and Hooks Hardware – Chain and Hooks hardware are designed for securing extremely heavy-duty machinery, farm equipment, and tractors and are one of the heaviest duty and provide the heaviest levels of durability when it matters the most during securing cargo. Featuring a 3,335 lbs working load limit for our 2 inch Chain Anchors and a 5,400 lbs working load limit for our 3 inch Chain Anchors.

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18221 Tie Down Hardware

The Different Types of Cam Buckle Hardware

Cam Buckle Hardware is mainly used for applications such as securing cargo with an e-track system in a moving van or dry van without the risk of over-tightening cargo that could cause damage compared to alternatives such as ratchet straps. Cam Buckle Hardware is ideal for those who are securing valuable or not always replaceable types of cargo such as sentimental value. This is why it is preferred by professional and first-time movers and is often much more affordable than alternative ratchet straps that are comparable.

1 inch Cam Buckle Hardware1 inch Cam Buckle Hardware comes in a variety of different breaking strengths and working load limits such as 200 lbs working load limits to our heaviest duty 1-inch cam buckle hardware that is rated for 500 lbs working load limit safely. Available in a variety of different styles and colors to help fit a variety of different cam buckle securement applications.

2-inch Cam Buckle Hardware2-inch Cam Buckle Hardware comes in a 3,000 lbs breaking strength and 1,000 lbs working load limit and is extremely durable. 2-inch Cam Buckle Hardware is the heaviest-duty cam buckle hardware that is used for making 2-inch cam buckle straps and is meant to provide a cost-effective and durable solution for professional movers. If you have any questions please give our experts a call at 800-483-2189 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website.

1-inch Alligator ClipAlligator clips are designed for use with lighter-duty cargo securement applications and are designed to be extremely easy to cinch or in other words latch into place. One of the downfalls to using alligators for cargo securement is the webbing may slip under pressure due to its design but it is the ideal choice for many customers due to its low price point. Consider using alligator clips for applications where working load limits are not required for a cost-effective alternative to cam buckle hardware.

18221 Tie Down Hardware

The Different Types of Ring Hardware

D RingD Ring tie-down hardware provides anchor points for a variety of different straps such as axle straps for securing vehicles and other securement applications that use hook hardware. D Rings get their name due to the “D” shape and can come in different styles such as double d ring hardware. D Rings can also be known around the cargo control industry as Delta rings or “D Rings” for short.

O RingO Rings are similar to D Rings but are designed mainly for use with tents, awnings, e-track systems, and other securement applications. O Ring tie-down hardware gets its name from the “O” shape design tie-down hardware and can be found in many different working load limits for a wide range of different cargo securement applications. You can also find small O-rings and large O-ring sizes for applications where space may be more limited.

Floor Anchor Mounting BracketFloor Anchor Tie Down Hardware is one of the best ways to mount ratchet straps to walls or flooring of enclosed trailers or moving vans. Floor anchors provide a more permanent installation where it is required to provide an alternative to traditional hook hardware.

Bolt Down PlatesBolt Down Plates are similar to Floor Anchor mounting brackets as they are a more permanent design but are designed for a permanent securement location for anything from a pallet, trailer deck, or floor of a trailer.

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The Different Types of E Track Fittings Hardware

E Track Fittings are designed for use for e-track rails that are installed along the walls and the flooring of enclosed trailers, moving vans, and dry vans. E Track systems are designed to provide an array of different securement points which is extremely ideal for those who ship various different sizes and shapes of cargo often. E Track systems work great for applications such as securing furniture during a move, vehicle securement and keeping boxes in place from one location to another.

E Track Fitting HardwareE Track Fitting hardware is designed to quickly latch into e-track rails that are installed along the flooring or the walls of the enclosed trailer, dry van, or moving van. E Track Rails have numerous different securement points along the rails which make these fittings ideal for anyone who secures different types of cargo sizes often while on the road. Great for both first-time shippers and professional cargo transporters with the e-fittings easy-to-use design.

E Track Rolling Idler FittingRolling Idler Fittings designed for e-track systems are great for securing different types of vehicles onto the back of a trailer as they help the e-track straps move by tension to help prevent wear on the straps itself. This is a great investment for those who ship vehicles often to keep your straps in great shape time and time again.

E Track Fitting with O RingE Track Fittings with O Rings are designed to be an affordable solution to creating securement points in the back of a dry van, moving van, or enclosed trailer. This helps find the perfect securement anchor point for cargo that may be oversized or oddly shaped.

Rope Tie OffRope Tie Off are similar to our E Track Fittings with O Rings but are made with tie-down webbing and help provide a securement anchor point for various different types of tie-down straps with wire hooks or s hooks. Available in many different colors of webbing and provides a 1,500 lbs safe working load limit.

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Frequently Asked Tie Down Hardware Questions

Are there pricing discounts based on how many pieces of tie-down hardware you purchase? – Yes, you can often find that purchasing a full box of hardware or purchasing hardware by the skid provides a much better price on shipping as well as pricing per piece of hardware. If you are interested in getting a quote or the box count per piece of the hardware give our experts a call at 800-483-2189 or by using our online contact us form.

What types of hardware should I look at for marine water applications? – When it comes to marine water applications you should always look for hardware that is stainless steel as it helps prevent corrosion and rust over time. This is especially true if you are going to be around saltwater applications. If you are going to be in an area that does not receive salt water you should be able to use our standard zinc coating tie-down hardware.