The Complete Beginners Guide to Lasso Straps

Published on 03/03/22

Over the course of the last decade, there have been numerous different methods of securing vehicles for transport. Out of these, there has been one strap that has been rising in popularity ever since, the lasso strap. Let’s begin with everything you need to know about lasso straps before your next move.

2 inch Lasso Strap Product Picture

What is a Automotive Lasso Strap?

An Automotive Lasso Strap is a strap that is designed to secure a wide range of different vehicles with wheels such as Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVS, Golf carts, and most traditional manufacturer vehicles. 2 inch Lasso Straps are made from heavy-duty 2-inch polyester webbing blend that provides a great amount of strength with a very little amount of stretching. This helps to ensure that your vehicle that is being transported does not come out of place or unsecured during transit.

A vehicle that becomes unsecured during transport could become extremely dangerous to other motorists or cause damage to your ride that could become quite costly within a matter of seconds. You can play your part in protecting your ride and other motorists by always using at least four different straps in four different securement points. By having a minimum of four different securement points you are providing fail-safes if a strap were to break the car would still remain secured in place. This also helps to play a part in preventing load shifts by creating a well-balanced securement.

Another one of the reasons behind the wide success of our 2-inch lasso straps is the heavy-duty and yet durable o ring hardware that is designed for repetitive use for those who ship automotive vehicles often. These straps are great for a wide range of different makes and models of vehicles from brands such as Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, Tesla, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, and more!

The one thing that is a must before any vehicle transport is to check the weight of the vehicle online to get a rough idea of the total weight from the manufacturer’s website. Once the weight is determined check the label on your lasso straps to make sure the Working Load Limit or Assembly Working Load Limit is safe enough to transport the vehicle. You should never meet or exceed the working load limit of any strap as it could be extremely dangerous to do so and could cause damage to your vehicle. You can view our full blog post on how to understand working load limits by clicking HERE.

Lasso Strap around the outside of a vehicles wheel

How to use a Lasso Strap Instructions

1). Start by taking the long end of the lasso strap and begin going around the top right of the outer tire and the outer left side of the tire as pictured above.
2). Next, connect the short end of the ratchet strap to an anchor mount such as a rub rail, d ring, or another securement point of choice.

Lasso Straps on Trailer Securing Vehicle

3). Once the short end of the strap is connected begin tightening the long end of the strap through the ratchet hardware and begin ratcheting until the desired tightness is reached. Remember to get the strap snug but do not overtighten the strap as it could cause damage if you are not careful or paying attention.
4). Once four straps are attached and the straps are snug you are ready for transport. After moving approximately one mile when it is safe to do so pull over and retighten your straps. You should repeat this method as a good rule of thumb after approximately every hour of driving or 70 miles in order to make sure your straps are not rubbing or coming unsecured.

How to Release a Lasso Strap Instructions

Before you begin with releasing your lasso straps it is important for improved safety to make sure the vehicle is in the park as well as the parking brake is on. By doing this you can help reduce the chances of the vehicle rolling forward or backward as the straps are removed.

1). Start by opening the ratchet hardware completely open. This releases the tension on the webbing allowing you to remove the webbing that is mounted around the outside diameter of the wheel.
2). Pull out the excess webbing from around the wheel of the vehicle carefully to prevent any rubbing on the rim or the vehicle’s paint that could cause scratches otherwise.
3). Once the strap is removed completely and the short end of the strap with the ratchet has been removed you next can begin with storing your straps in between uses. One thing that is important for storing tie-down straps is they should not be in direct sunlight, areas prone to moisture that could cause mold & mildew, and should make sure they are not rubbing against sharp edges that could cause friction burns. We recommend our customers always use a duffle bag or a storage location that is dry for in-between uses.

Close up view of a lasso strap around a wheel

Frequently Asked Lasso Strap Questions

Will these straps damage the wheels of my vehicle?
It is very unlikely that these straps would damage the rim or tire on the vehicle itself unless the strap is over-tightened. However, if you want to be extra cautious you can always place the strap around the outside tire instead of the alternative method of going through the inside rim. By going through the inside of the rim the strap moving in the wind on an open trailer could cause potential small micro-scratches to your wheel. You can prevent this by going around the outside of the wheel when securing.

What colors do Lasso Straps come in?
Yellow, Blue, Orange, Black, Olive, and Camo are the main colors of webbing that are used for lasso straps.

What lengths of webbing do Lasso Straps come in?
Lasso Straps’ standard length is 8 feet overall length. However, 10 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, 16 feet, and 40 feet are alternative default options on our 2 inch Lasso Strap with O Ring product. As being one of the leading manufacturers of tie-down straps in the United States odds are if you don’t see the exact length for your application needs we could make it in that length for an additional price. If you need it completely custom made please give our experts a call at 800-483-2189 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website. We look forward to the opportunity to help make you the perfect strap!

Can these straps be secured inside the wheels of the vehicle?
Yes, these straps are able to be secured inside of the wheel around the rims of the wheel. This strap alternatively can be secured around the outside of the wheel as well which we recommend as there is a reduced chance for damage during transport.

2 inch Heavy Duty Lasso Strap with Cordura Sleeve

Do Cordura Sleeves Help Make Lasso Straps Last Longer?
Yes, Cordura helps to protect the polyester tie-down webbing from potential friction burns or sharp edges that could cause damage to the webbing on the strap. Normally when straps tend to fail from use over time the webbing is the first thing to fail and the hardware still remains good. As the Cordura sleeve helps to protect the webbing it does indeed help the strap become more durable but does not necessarily mean the strap will last longer or is needed for most circumstances.

What type of webbing is used to make Lasso Straps?
2-inch Polyester tie-down webbing blend is the type of webbing that is used for all of our lasso straps. It is used for its durability and strength and provides the straps with a great strength-to-stretch-ratio which helps to ensure that your vehicle remains in place during transit and does not become at risk of moving out of place or coming off of the trailer.

What applications can you use Lasso Straps with? – Anything from Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and normal size and makes vehicles. As long as you are following the working load limit and using at least four tie-down straps to help prevent load shifts and load balance.