12" 2-Ply Recovery Tow Strap w/10" Cordura Eyes

Item# US-12RTS2P

Any Length

Custom Made to Order

Tie Down Web – 220,000 lbs Breaking Strength
Vertical – 33,400 lbs Working Load Limit
Choker – 25,000 lbs Working Load Limit
Basket – 66,800 lbs Working Load Limit

12 inch Wide Two-Ply Tow Straps are an absolute must for the heaviest towing applications such as Semi Trucks and Large Sized Farm Equipment. These straps are made from high quality and durable material that stretches in order to help reduce and absorb the shock from towing. Reducing the shock can help prevent damages from occurring or unwanted stress to your expensive vehicles and farm equipment saving you money over time.

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$378.00 USD