2" x 12' 1-ply Recovery Strap with 8" Cordura Eyes

Item# US-21RS1P

Webbing – 19,600 lbs Breaking Strength
Vertical – 3,200 lbs Working Load Limit
Choker – 2,500 lbs Working Load Limit
Basket – 6,400 lbs Working Load Limit

2” x 12’ 1 ply Recovery Tow Strap with 8” Cordura Eyes is one of the ultimate ways to recover a vehicle, ATV, UTV, lawnmower, or farm equipment that has become stuck in the mud, sand, water, snow, or other elements that may need extra strength to get out of a bind. Cordura Eyes help reduce the chance of sharp edges or surfaces from weakening or even in some circumstances breaking the strap easily.

You should always remember to follow the straps working load limits when towing in order to keep you and others around you safe.

$14.95 USD