3" x 30' 2-ply Recovery Strap with 8" Cordura Eyes

Item# US-3RS2P-30

Webbing – 49,000 lbs Breaking Strength
Vertical – 8,600 lbs Working Load Limit
Choker – 6,500 lbs Working Load Limit
Basket – 17,300 lbs Working Load Limit*

3” x 30’ 2-ply Recovery Strap with Cordura Eyes is made with 2 plies of materials giving it extra strength for heavier recovery towing applications such as Heavy Trucks, Heavy SUVs, Heavier Cars, UTVs, and other heavier duty applications that need to be towed or recovered out of a bind. Made with Cordura Eyes that make these Recovery Straps long-lasting and able to help protect against stress during recovery.

One thing for certain is that binds always happen when you least expect them such as a sudden snowstorm, flash flood, stuck in the mud, or getting stuck while leaving the beach. Heavy Duty Webbing stretches in order to reduce the strain on vehicles and other equipment that is being towed to prevent damage.

$69.95 USD