4" x 30' 1-ply Recovery Strap with 8" Cordura Eyes

Item# US-4RS1P-30

Webbing – 32,600 lbs – Breaking Strength
Vertical – 6,400 lbs – Working Load Limit
Choker – 4,800 lbs – Working Load Limit
Basket – 12,800 lbs – Working Load Limit

4” x 30’ 1-ply Recovery Tow Strap with 8” Cordura Eyes is one of the best ways to recover a vehicle, farm equipment, ATV, UTV, Motorcycle, or other applications. No matter if you are stuck in the elements such as the snow, deep water, mud, sand, field, or just needing a tow down the road to a shop this is the tow strap for you!

When it comes to recovery towing having a strap with wiggle room for error is an absolute must as there can be a lot of force and stress on the strap. Always make sure to look at the limitations of your Breaking Strengths & Working Load Limits when towing to avoid any straps breaking or snapping.

$38.95 USD