4" x 30' 2-ply Recovery Strap with 8" Cordura Eyes

Item# US-4RS2P-30

Webbing – 65,300 lbs – Breaking Strength
Vertical – 11,500 lbs – Working Load Limit
Choker – 8,600 lbs – Working Load Limit
Basket – 23,000 lbs – Working Load Limit

4” x 30’ 2-ply Recovery Tow Strap with 8” Cordura Eyes is one of the best ways to recover a heavier vehicle, farm equipment, ATV, UTV, Motorcycle, or other heavier applications. No matter if you are stuck in the elements such as the snow, deep water, mud, sand, field, or just needing a tow down the road to a shop this is the tow strap for you! The main difference between 1-ply and 2-ply is the amount of materials is doubled on 2-ply allowing for heavier duty applications.

$99.95 USD