The Complete Beginners Guide on Replacement Ratchet Straps

Published on 10/07/22

2 inch by 27 feet long ratchet straps 8211 complete strap

There are few things worse than being ready to hit the road with your cargo securement only to look down and notice that the strap has become damaged and is unsafe to use. This is where Replacement Ratchet Straps come into play. When straps become damaged odds are it doesn’t have to be completely replaced in most circumstances as only one side of the strap is damaged.

Replacement Ratchet Straps are designed to help save you money and make your damaged strap in like new condition for a fraction of the cost compared to buying an entirely new tie-down strap. This is done through the use of making both the short-end and the long-end tie-down straps. In combination long ends and short ends help make anything from Ratchet Straps.

Let’s begin with some tips on how to save money the next time you notice your tie-down strap requires replacement.

Ratchet Straps Short End with Flat Hooks

Short End Ratchet Straps Replacements

Short End Replacement Straps can be made with a variety of different hardware options with the desired ratchet hardware of choice. Short ends get their name as they are the shorter side of the full-sized ratchet strap and typically always have the ratchet hardware on this side.

Some of the different hardware options include 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch Short end replacement straps with hardware options such as Flat Hook, Wire hook, Chain & Hook, and Forged Delta Ring to name a few of the popular options. Short End Replacement Straps can be made with just about any color of polyester webbing that the original strap was made in to make the strap in like new condition. You can view our full selection of Ratchet Strap Short Ends HERE.

Long end ratchet strap replacement strap with flat hooks

Long End Ratchet Straps Replacements

Long End Replacement Straps can be made with a variety of different options such as popular end fittings of choice such as Flat Hooks, Wire Hooks, Chain and Hook, S Hooks, and more! Long End Replacement Straps are the longer end of the ratchet straps and do not have any ratchet hardware typically on them. Long End Replacement Straps are available in many different colors, widths, and lengths to accommodate your ratchet strap securement needs.

When it comes to straps becoming damaged it’s much more common to find the long end of the straps becoming damaged as they are the ones normally wrapping around edges or sharp corners when securing cargo. One of the benefits of the long end of the straps becoming damaged is they are often much cheaper to replace as they do not use ratchet hardware making a like-new condition strap affordable and economical for those who ship often.

Long End Replacement straps can also be known around the industry as winch straps as they are designed to be tightened by either a ratchet handle or by the use of a winch system installed along the rub rails of flatbed trailers.

One of the benefits of previously having a short end of a ratchet strap is the ability to mix and match the long ends of the strap to almost any length or end-fitting hardware of choice to make an entirely new strap combination. We often hear of customers who are purchasing several different long ends to fit various securement needs and re-using the short end of the strap. You can view our full selection of Ratchet Strap Long Ends HERE.

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Full box of 4 inch x 30 feet winch strap replacements

Frequently Asked Replacement Strap Questions

How often do you need to purchase replacement ratchet straps? – Typically, this can vary greatly on the amount of usage securing cargo. If you use items such as corner protectors to protect straps from sharp corners you can normally expect the straps to last longer as well. Ratchet Straps on average tend to last somewhere in the ballpark of 2 to 3 or more years on average for most customers.

How can you tell if your ratchet strap needs replaced? – One of the best ways to determine if your ratchet strap is unsafe and in need of being replaced is by inspecting the straps often. If you notice any visible defects ranging from burn marks on the webbing of the strap, tie-down webbing fraying, cuts or tears in the webbing or mold or mildew are key signs in the strap needs to be replaced.

You can view our full guide on how to inspect a ratchet strap or other tie-down straps in our blog post HERE

How to store ratchet straps properly

How should you store Ratchet Staps? – When it comes to storing Ratchet Straps properly the number one thing you can do is after use roll the straps up and hold them in place by using a rubber band. This helps to prevent webbing from rubbing against tie-down hardware or metal surfaces that could cause friction burns to the webbing.

Another tip is to make sure you are not leaving ratchet straps outside in direct sunlight as over time discoloration in the color of the webbing or the strength of the strap could be at risk. You can view our full blog post on how to store ratchet straps properly by clicking HERE.

Does heavy-duty tie-down webbing make Ratchet Straps last longer? – In short, it depends but heavier-duty breaking strengths polyester webbing does tend to be quite a bit more durable than lighter-duty webbing. This is due to the number of webbing materials that are used to make the strap that help it provide more durability and a much higher working load limit.